I Remember Her!

Looking for alligators on Pinckney Island near bridge to mainland

Browsing through my Interval World magazine I paused to read the article about Hilton Head, South Carolina, one of my family’s favorite holiday spots.  It was titled ‘Comfort Zone’ and HH certainly is that for my husband and me.  I stopped to read the words and ogle the pictures.  A couple biking the beach rang true as I’ve done that many times and learned that the sand underfoot when the tide is coming in holds so much water that the  bicycle tires slog down in it.  Best to ride at low tide.  That’s why those tide tables are published daily!  I got a favorite picture on Pinckney Island, although not of a lovely blue heron as in the article.  And I’ve golfed some of the links on and off the island.  Even if you don’t like to golf, the scenery is well worth the trip around the course in a golf cart.  You can hit a golf ball every so often just to be sociable.

So ‘Comfort Zone’ was a pleasant read.  But when I got to the last page and read the author’s name, I was elated.  I knew her.  We had taken an extreme editing course together a couple of years ago and her skill was evident to me even then.  How exciting that one of my classmates had written and published this endearing article.  I promptly sent Sheila Gale a congratulatory email, all the while experiencing my own excitement.  One of us did it.

Sheila is not the first of my classmates to succeed.  Many of them have moved their writing careers ahead and I’m sure all of them are trying to.  That is so encouraging to me as I do the same thing.  One of these days someone else will be saying about me, “I remember her!”


One thought on “I Remember Her!

  1. Fantastic news, Elaine! Funny, something felt familiar when you mentioned the article and Hilton Head. A while ago, Sheila said she may publish with a travel magazine, but wasn’t sure at the time. I’m so glad to know it worked out. It is great to see our classmates moving ahead.


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