Fait Accompli

Sometimes I go back and read my earlier posts just to remember what I wrote about and to (yes, I admit it!) revel in something that is mine and mine alone.  Those pieces of writing came from me.  I poked out each word and rewrote each sentence.  I did the research, put in the hyperlinks, and smoothed the cadence to make the words flow.  At least that’s what I tried to do.  And when I reread, excitement grips me, excitement as thrilling as opening a great gift on Christmas morning.  Sometimes I find things I still want to change, and I do, but usually I leave the work as is, a fait accompli.

Rereading my own work energizes me and helps me to start something new or to just keep going on a long project.  With said long projects the reread is the way I get my head back into the game each morning when my fingers touch the keyboard.  Ideas jump into my head and I do a bit of rewriting before I am ready to move ahead.  Pundits say to leave off the rewriting until the piece is done.  Just write quickly, not even correctly, and get the thing on paper (or on-screen.)  And I say that thirty years of teaching, most of it senior English helping students write well, and many more doing my own writing, have given me the gift of loving to find the best way to say what I want.  So I polish on the fly, so to speak.

Writing my first blog gave me a place to record and easily reference happy days such as a recent hike in Elora Gorge and bittersweet memories of people I’ve lost such as my mother and my brother.  And writing this new blog devoted to the craft lets me speak to a different audience about a specialized topic.  We are a small group who share our ideas this way but finding new writers at courses, writing groups and book signings is a great joy.  Imagine my delight to be seated next to a stranger at a wedding and finding out that she, too, is a writer!  She, also, knows the pain and pleasure of writing.

And so I persevere.  Time to think about my guest blog for Hana Samek Norton’s blog.


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