Writing and Travel

They go together!  No matter what the purpose for your trip–visiting relatives, ruins or mountain tops—you can always sneak in a little writing.  Even if you are only thinking, the new places and people will light your literary fires.

On a recent trip to Victoria my main purpose was to see my granddaughter (and her parents!) but I managed to spend time with my laptop for a couple of hours every day.  That felt so good that I became more and more enthused–excited even–about the progress I was making.

And one morning we purposely set out, sans three-year-old, for some serious browsing at Bolen’s bookstore in Hillside Mall.  The visit was a revelation.  I headed for the writer’s section first and found so many how-to titles I couldn’t choose.  Stephen King’s On Writing, Roy Peter Clark’s Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, and Renni Browne & Dave King’s Self-Editing for Fiction Writers made it to the till with me.  I am hoping they will each live up to my happy expectations as I work my way through them.

Finally I stopped at the huge display of magazines.  Now I have to say that here in Ontario we have Coles and Chapters and Indigo, but the ratio of books to housewares has sadly slipped in the last few years.  I guess we should be happy the books are still there at all.

I do miss the great bargain books Chapters used to have.  Most of the ‘bargains’ now are strange titles I would never buy; hence, my much used library card these days.

Getting back to Bolen’s magazine racks, I was amazed.  There were many titles about writing.  Yes, I said many.  I came home with the Writer whose headline story was Sell Your First Book:  Success tips from an 8-Time Author.  Well, I had to have that one and spent the five hours on the plane trip home reading both the excellent, riveting articles and the many writing-related ads.  It was wonderful.  I checked the publisher and it comes from the States.  The subscription rates are $10 more for delivery in Canada.  I’ll probably subscribe anyhow.  So much more exciting to read a mag about writing rather than another one full of makeup and fashionista articles.

So my trip to Victoria fulfilled two needs for me:  seeing my wee girl and getting a punch in the arm for my writing.  It’s all good.


6 thoughts on “Writing and Travel

  1. Hi Elaine,

    I was in Victoria once as a child and once as an adult. Would love to go back, it is beautiful. Alas, this year I had to do my vacation writing poolside in South Africa. When I wasn’t bottle-feeding baby lions or out on safari, that is!

    You’ll enjoy Stephen King’s On Writing. So glad you found time to write and to find books on craft. It’s a hard line, when do we stop reading about being published and just do it. Make sure you enjoy the journey!


  2. Good point, Elaine. Writing is so portable and it’s great to be able to travel and write. I always think I should write a travel article when I’m away, but so far it’s just an idea.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time!


  3. A travel piece would be great, might even enhance the adventure as you struggle to remember all the details. Thanks for commenting, Sharon and Sherry!


  4. I have this dream that when my husband and I retire, I can string up my laptop on an RV and we can go trekking across the country. A good time hiking, camping, and (for me) writing by the wee hours of the morning. I’m glad you had a good time on your trip! You made me very jealous. 🙂


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