Finding the Perfect Publisher for Me

Olga Sheean’s session intrigued me, as I went to the eWomen Network conference to explore three types of publishing:  traditional, self and e.  Olga’s first few comments caught my attention, then, as she mentioned that we are taught publishers are hard to find.  Certainly that chorus has been replayed at every writing event I’ve attended in the last four years.  She took this further.  Our subconscious mind operates on its own agenda.  We absorb negatives from our very earliest experiences and we keep that behaviour going.  We’re told what is possible. She proceeded to show that we are in control of what is possible.  Ergo we can find publishers.

Ms. Sheean maintains that we all have missing pieces in our makeup and we attract others with the same missing pieces.  She suggested that trust, support and self-expression are all pieces missing in each of us.  Further, she maintains we need to fill in our missing pieces in order to be successful.  Engaging in negative self talk needs to be turned around.  She gave us a checklist to identify our daily self rejection.  Catch yourself and turn it around, she told us.

I found Olga’s presentation different and insightful.  I asked a question which was a catalyst for others in the room so I think they, too, were intrigued by this way of thinking.  I bought her book, Fit For Love, with some trepidation as I’m pretty much set in that category.  It’s a constant theme in my happy life, a place where I have been fortunate.  Still, I want to read more about Olga’s ideas.  Here are some of the catch phrases I wrote on my iPad as Olga talked:

Don’t always compromise.

Avoid everyday self-refection re publishing.

Live in the moment that is good.

Feel what publisher is right for you.

Don’t try so hard to do what is expected.

Put yourself first.

Demonstrated self worth is important.  Treat yourself well.  Know and demonstrate your value.

Do community presentation.

Write queries for fun.

Under some pressure from time constraints, Olga tied all of this together.  Fill in your missing pieces, she said, to make yourself attractive to a publisher.  This will bring the ideal publishing scenario for us.

I really love when someone’s presentation challenges me to think in a different way.  Olga’s did this.  You can find her at this link.

author of Fit For Love:  Find your self and your perfect mate

Olga Sheean, a speaker at eWomen Network's Vancouver Writing Conference



4 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Publisher for Me

  1. That was beautifully written – I know Olga personally and she is truly amazing. Love the look of your blog as well. I invite you to take a look at mine – always great to get feed-back: one writer to another.


  2. I love extending the idea of opening your life to opening your life to a publisher. Olga is exactly right. We get this mindset that we have huge mountains to climb to get published, but why not treat this like we treat other obstacles, by saying first of all, its possible and then second of all, we want the right one. It must have been a great conference!


  3. It was a great conference, Jessica. And they’re already planning for next year’s. I’ll be interested in the speaker lineup, for sure. Now that I’ve whetted my appetite, though, I might try out a different venue next year. Let me know of any good conferences, okay?
    And thanks for writing.
    Csilla, I love hearing from another writer. So glad we live in this computer age where this kind of contact is possible.


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