I Almost Freaked Out

from Violette's website, some of her art

From Violette's website, this is some of her art.

I loved Violette Clark’s session at the eWomen Network conference for writers.  She was just so different.  So happy in her skin.  So refreshing.

flying your freak flag (sic) was Violette’s workshop title and I almost went to a different one because of it.  Not for me the weird and wacky.  I was at the conference with serious goals in mind.

I actually was sitting in a different session waiting for it to start when I realized that it was going to be pretty serious and maybe even a downer.  I slipped out and went to Violette’s.  She promised a guide to getting published and creating a buzz.

She talked with a bubbling excitement that definitely made me thaw out.  I loved her ideas.  Here are some of her catch phrases, which need no explanation:

Find your tribe, follow your bliss, be loud and proud of who you are, gotta have a blog, outrageous acts get you known and seen.

Before she goes to sleep, Violette asks herself questions on topics she wants to pursue.  Interesting.  And I thought sleeping was for, well, sleeping.

With beautiful handmade flip charts all decked in colour and flowers, Violette told her story and I realized that her wonderful eccentricity is her schtick.  And she has made it pay off.  From having a flower-painted van until it virtually died in her yard to painting all the doors in her house with meaningful and different motifs, Violette walks her own path.  And revels in it.  Once she tripped all over the States pitching an idea.  She had nothing written yet at all.

I wrote a lot of one-liners describing this person’s creative ideas for getting ahead:

Make your dream book real, she said.  Make a mockup and put it where you’ll see it every day.  Create meetup groups with people who have similar interests.  (meetup.com)  Something that makes you a freak is really your next book.  Use life coaches to help you fully develop.  Editors want you to have a fan base so get working on it.  Outrageous acts get you known and seen.  Use online zones to see and be seen.  Contribute to others’ sites, podcasts, talks, journals and blogs.  Reject rejection.  I loved that phrase.  Just say next.  Get a YouTube Channel.  Twitter, whether you like it or not.  Find the companies you want to follow and then you’ll see what they’re looking for.  Do a mindmap of your book.  Put the book central.  This seems to be one of those cloud diagrams where you connect ideas.  I thought making your dreams visual was a positive idea.  Make bookmarks with your blog, etc. on them, to get known.

Violette surprised me when she stepped out of my vision of who she was and mentioned the reticular activating system and that we should use it.  Apparently it is activated when we set a goal.  Interesting.

Finally this fresh and funky speaker gave us a challenge.  Settle for less, she said, or make your vision real.  I’m off to do my book mockup.


8 thoughts on “I Almost Freaked Out

  1. Elaine, what a cool workshop! I checked out meetup.com and had a revelation that fits well with the current online class I’m taking. And I love the idea of a mock up. I have the prelim artwork for my book (Storyteller, release July). New tasks on my weekly goals: 1. Print artwork 2. Replace a book jacket with my cover. 3. Plunk in prominent place in house. Repeat.


  2. Love it, Elaine! Your blog always serves to inspire me. Maybe I should share my liquid lunch internet interview about my secret life as an avatar, expose my wackiness to the world! I already see the beginnings of a book!


  3. We’ll see, Jessica. There are a lot of similar things out there, such as The Secret. When I read that, I found it transformational. Now I realize that it’s all tied up with the power of thinking in the positive. Remember that song–Accentuate the Positive?


  4. I am so inspired Elaine! I love reading about your journey. I want a signed copy of your book when it’s published please! And I promise to mention you in my Oscar speech when I win! 🙂


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