The Book Broads in Vancouver

Only two thirds of the Book Broads were in place and punching out book publishing ideas at my eWomen Network writing conference last month.  But they were enough.  Loaded with information delivered with panache, Angela Crocker and Peggy Richardson kicked butt.

They talked about a lot of things in the publishing world, easily passing the torch back and forth.  They were completely comfortable with not agreeing, although they did share opinions on a lot.

Angela has a book publishing background and helps find social media uses for people.  She sounds like someone I need right now as I try to get comfortable on Facebook and Twitter as well as keep my writing blog and my personal blog going.  Oh, and did I mention my new website is on my must-do list, too?  Sometimes I feel positively anti-social when I’m thinking about those things.

Peggy Richardson, the high tech girl, has a publishing background.  She talked a lot about self-publishing and even suggested that it should be called entrepreneurial publishing.  Interesting.

Both ladies suggested that our blogs might be good candidates for publishing.  I loved that idea.  They stressed over and over that writers need to hire editors, as poorly edited material gives self-publishing a bad rep.  Sounds right on to me. They gave the web address of the editor association of Canada.

Here are a few of the comments I noted from their presentation:

1.  The content of your blog might be the research for a book.

2.  Market yourself from the get-go.

3.  Build a (networking) platform a year or more before publishing.

4.  Online and offline marketing become one.

5.  Tweet people whom you need, to help promote.

6.  Use affiliate marketing.  Host your own and make money on them.

7.  Comment on other blogs.

8.  Ask yourself which marketing method best serves the content of your product?

Another idea was to sell ebooks on thumb drives, or on a card which clients can buy from you at the conference, like a gift card.  If you have a digital reader for your book at the conference table, customers can buy and try out a digital copy  right there.

Branding is all important, according to the ladies.  They talked about keyword research and I wrote down that I need the Keywords for Dummies book, if there is one.  Then Peggy gave this website for keyword research tips.  I checked it out.  If I had nothing else that session, this would be enough.

Show up on online forums for visibility.  The job of a successful author is to create a great product and to market it tirelessly.  Self-promotion is crucial.

My heart is racing and my fingers are flexing after rereading my iPad notes from this session.  Sorry, I’ve got to go twitter, tweet, bleat or whatever.  See you on The Book Broads’ site.


7 thoughts on “The Book Broads in Vancouver

  1. Elaine,

    I am so pleased you learned loads from Peggy and Angela. I wish I had been there, but my kidney stone ruled my life.

    Peg and Angela love to share information and encourage writers. Good for you for making the big trek out too.



    • I guess you learned first hand about the hard knocks in life, Kim. Thanks for commenting and being part of The Book Broads even though you weren’t able to attend the conference.
      Hope the kidney stone is long gone.


  2. Wow – how flattering is it to be mentioned like this!
    Thanks for taking such great notes. You definitely got all our hot points.
    Keep us in the loop on your project- we love to hear the end of the stories of people that tell us about their books!
    -Peggy (Grammar Geek Broad)


    • I will definitely keep you in the loop, Peggy. I also attended your workshop with Irene Kavanagh and will be commenting about that one, too. Oh, it was such a life-changing two days for me, not only because of the workshops but also because I was so ready to hear the material.
      Thanks to all the presenters.


  3. No kidding, Elaine, my heart is racing just trying to keep up. I was at a marketing workshop recently too, and we seem to have gotten the same message–market right from the first word. Websites are crucial. Use Facebook and/or Twitter to direct traffic to your website. Sleep really shouldn’t be optional!

    Checking out that keyword research cheat sheet–gotta run!


  4. Ah, Sharon. You are the best. I love your comments and that you are always there doing it. May the muse of writing and the goddess of goodness converge in a big halo over your head. Thanks!


  5. Elaine! Wow! Your post is truly a thrill. Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing the key points you took awaya from our talk. I’m so glad what we had to say resonated for you.

    If you need me right now, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about social media in my brief weekly newsletter? The Social Media Minute is free to anyone who’s interested. I’m on a mission to help people do social networking better and I’d love to help you, too.

    Thanks again for the kind comments. Hope to see you and your writing again soon!

    Angela (Marketing Mamma at The Book Broads)


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