How To Go To a Conference

You know, we don’t always have to reinvent the wheel; in fact, I just used a metaphor that every English-speaking person on the planet has heard a zillion times.  So I took a little web tour before composing this post.  And found Chris Brogan and his column 27 Things To Do Before a Conference.

And even though Chris’ article is two years old it is right on point with lots of tidbits, 27 in fact, which really mean you can get the most out of a conference.

I have one more to add.  Take your iPad2 (or whatever similar device suits you.)  While sitting in your hotel room you can do many of the things on Chris’ list and while taking in the sessions you can make notes, catch up on FB, tweet your contacts, even tweet on a specific conference link to others who are at the conference as you are.  Pretty cool.  And useful.  If someone tweets about a great session you can get there in a second and join in.  Or a note about an amazing keynote speaker might be intriguing.  You might just get interested in meeting other tweeters out there when you see the intelligent a propos comments they make.

I took my iPad2 to the last conference I attended.  It has led to connecting with many new and unique people interested in those things that intrigue me.  If I have a writing question or a publishing one or anything connected to these people I have an immediate list of contacts to reach.  Had I not gone with my iPad2, I would probably not have had such in-depth notes and might have only done one post about the whole conference.  Instead, I’ve learned as much or more since I came home by rethinking my iPad notes, writing my blog entries and contacting the speakers to let them know I’d done that.  The buzz has been not only interesting but very rewarding.

So.  Next conference, go back to this blog.  Reread Chris’ 27 things and take your iPad!


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