Descriptive Modes: Words or Pictures

Okay, so I’m bored. And I have my iPad2. I tried to get a good shot of my window view, but this is the best.

Ah. Perfect time for description. There is a moving panorama outside the little ovoid square they call a window. A solid slice of beige, fringed with white froth lies atop a patch of blue. It gives me hope this early morning. Hope that the day will get better as we fly from rainy Toronto to St. John’s ( where it’s rumored to be foggy, as well.)

Back to the picture. It’s changed!

What is that colour? Blue? Azure? Indigo? Lovely. And bits of cloudy fluff float effortlessly above a filtered earth.

Now we’re out of the clouds. Little rectangles jigsaw below in brown, beige, and black patches. As the sun seeks its zenith, blacks turn green and forests border fields of winter wheat and early corn.

Little boxes float into view. Are they made of ticky tacky? From up here they certainly all look the same. I see our history down there with the rectangles pointing to the St. Lawrence. The seigneurial system divided the land so that every farm would have access to the lifeline of the mighty Fleuve St. Laurent. And Quebec and Ontario were then both part of la belle province. Plus ca change….

And change my window view has. White and blue. No wonder blue is my favorite colour. It just makes me stop and watch. And want to paint to make it mine forever. I might somehow forget so need to imprison this beauty. And remember that even if there is rain below as I land, this sunny wonder is up above.


One thought on “Descriptive Modes: Words or Pictures

  1. Elaine,

    What a great idea, to work on your descriptive voice. And what fabulous descriptions they were.

    You and your iPad. At least it kept you occupied, lest you ask the flight attendant for a colouring book and crayons.

    But then you could have coloured your blue, and kept it forever. Guess the photo will have to do.


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