It’s a Great Time for Great People

Here I am traveling in Newfoundland, Canada’s newest and, dare I say, most unique province, yet I’m still keeping up with my social networking. Facebook and Twitter carry on without me and at night I absolutely relish sitting down with my iPad2 to see what’s been happening while I’ve been a busy little tourist.

It’s amazing. I find out about books being published and reviewed, writers’ tools being offered on the Internet or for download, and on-point conferences just waiting for me to attend, either in person or on line. Was there ever a time in our lives when we could be so connected to the outside world?

And being connected has lots of obvious perks, my favorite being the clever and innovative people I meet and their useful blogs or columns full of suggestions for writers. When I think of how much I find on this one subject and multiply it by the infinite number of topics floating around in the universe, I am floored. And when I pick myself up from that and multiply the number of people accessing this information stream, well, I just can’t do the math.

My job, then, while I’m away and not finishing the final edit of my novel, is to keep up with the writing world and refill my writing engine. All this social connection helps. And my positive joy at dating my iPad2 is not so bad, either. Hope my husband isn’t getting jealous. Oh. He’s on his laptop.

Elaine Cougler


2 thoughts on “It’s a Great Time for Great People

  1. Elaine,

    I hear ya re: hubby on the laptop. Guilty! We’ve sat across the kitchen table with our eyes on our screens more than a few times at our house, and sitting side by side at airports.


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