What’s In a Bed?

Well, that depends. If it’s Grandma’s feather bed a la John Denver, it could hold 8 kids and a whole lot of other things. If it’s a twin bed in a sleazy hotel in Montreal at the time of Expo ’67, it’s darn small for a young married couple for a weekend. And if it’s a queen size when you left a perfectly lovely king at home, it’s a poor night’s sleep and a grumpy good morning.

As I sit here writing this in yet another new B and B I keep eying the bed and wondering how tonight’s sleep will be. Will the mattress be nice and firm or pillowy soft? Will the pillows be feather or neck-aching foam? Will the blankets be just enough but not too much? Oh, I sound like such a pain.

I firmly believe that trips are wonderful and I long to go on many more. I just wish that every room I slept in would be as wonderful as my own, at home.

Looks like a good night. The pillows are soft, the mattress hard and the window opens a crack to let fresh Newfoundland air in. Nighty-night!

Elaine Cougler


2 thoughts on “What’s In a Bed?

  1. I think the bed at home is wonderful most of all because it is the bed at home.

    Here’s to a good night’s sleep, a lovely holiday and a safe journey home.

    Sleep tight, Elaine!


  2. Hi Sherry
    Thanks for visiting. I’m happy to report it was a good night. And now we’re off to see icebergs and whales on a boat. I’ve got my woolies on!


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