Podcast Beginnings: How to Reach Millions

Okay, you all know that YouTube is out there and 98% of the world is podcasting.   At the same time far too many e-mailers have sent along You-Tube videos of precious cats, cutie-pie kids or wacky brilliant dogs. My feelings exactly.

But. If 80% of people go on the Internet and watch videos we just cannot ignore their importance when creating our online presence. My challenge was what to do first.

A no-nonsense, start-at-the-beginning post by Angela Crocker got me going. She explained the whole process in her newsletter. People who love socializing will do well at this, she says, especially if they interview others. The interaction between guest and host creates excitement not possible with just one person.

At the end of her article she bullets four points as a way to get started: I already have a great headset. I must check our video camera (fairly new) to make sure it records in HD, has good sound quality and is USB capable. I need a hand-held omnidirectional microphone for about $100. And I’ll download immediately two free pieces of software: Audacity and Levelator.

I’m ready to start, but…what about stage fright?

Elaine Cougler


3 thoughts on “Podcast Beginnings: How to Reach Millions

  1. Wow! So much to think about. My sister has started podcasts. She produces her interviews after they are heard live on the internet radio. (Can you tell I know very little about this?) But I’m not sure how many people actually listen to her. 🙂

    My kids are Youtube fanatics, but they don’t buy romance. I, on the other hand, buy romance but watch Youtube about as often as I listen to the podcasts. Maybe listen to one every other month. Busy mom, writer, and all the other stuff, I usually don’t have the time.

    One question I would have is who is listening to podcasts and why. Are your target readers listening and what is of interest to them. So, can you find statistics about your target readers and their listening habits?

    I am excited to hear where this takes you! Another step into the electronic world of publicity. I’d love to know how often everyone else listens to podcasts or watches Youtube. Are you listening out there?


  2. Elaine, your every-ready embrace of new technology leaves me in awe. I’m still having heart palpitations over my first FB visit six months ago, and you’re blogging at 20,000 feet and getting ready to podcast.

    Can I hire you?


  3. Jessica, those are good questions and so far I am just accepting the word of people who have been doing this a lot longer than I And it’s fun for me. As a former teacher of computer stuff, the new technology suits me well. I love my computer and how it enriches my life.
    Sherry, I guess that’s why I’m embracing all this stuff so easily. Also my epiphany at the eWomen Network’s writing conference in Vancouver (April) has really changed my life. It would have been so easy to come home and drift into old habits but it hasn’t worked out that way. I am so energized with all this stuff. But also connections with other writers has been fulfilling. You two and Sharon keep me going some days. Thanks so much!


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