Blogging as a Stepping Stone to ‘Real’ Writing

Over five years ago I started my first blog and dedicated it to my then passion, beading, and virtually everything else in my life. I have always been a writer but never before had I put so much time into it. The results were wonderful for me.

I found an amazing hobby photographer in North Carolina,a hiker in Scotland learning to cope with a debilitating breathing disease, an accomplished birder in Vancouver and my own burgeoning writer-daughter in Victoria. And many more. I posted and read others’ blogs almost every day.

The thrill of reading my own words back had me hooked, but soon enough I wanted more. I admit it.  Wonderful comments fanned my vanity; full of confidence I decided to write bigger and, hopefully, better. My historical novel was born. A year later, after much study and research and tripping about New York State, I had my first draft.

Now I look back from this vantage point and thank the blogging. If I had not found again my joy in writing, through blogging, my novel might never have happened. Nor my enormous learning journey.

And so my friend’s thoughtless disparaging comments about blogs and never reading them rankle, but don’t really bite. She just can’t know what the act of writing means to me: my blog has led me to write an historical, to plan the second in the series, to create this blog dedicated to writing, and to muse about a memoir. Oh, and to write a storybook for my grandchildren last Christmas.

All of this, along with countless trips to libraries, forts, historical reenactments, writing courses, critique groups, and conferences have made for an amazing four years. Oh, I’ve fallen into the creek a few times and wrenched my ankle along the way, but always I’ve just pulled myself out and got back to the writing. And that’s pretty real.

Elaine Cougler


5 thoughts on “Blogging as a Stepping Stone to ‘Real’ Writing

  1. Hi Elaine,

    I’m so sorry your friend didn’t understand. I don’t know what she said, but I can sympathize. Its likely the way I feel when I tell someone I write romance and they get “the look” and say “Oh”. I started blogging because I thought I should and it turns out, I love it. I also love (like you) the personal connections with people I have never met. Who knew you and I would have so much in common! (My beading sits in the basement abandoned for the writing!) I’m so glad you started blogging so I could meet you through Sherry! Keep it up! And the writing too!


  2. Like Jessica said, look how we’ve all connected through blogging–I love that! Writing is solitary work. We don’t work at an office where everyone fufills the same mission and supports each other to that end. If we don’t connect via cyber space, we miss out on that support. Not to say we don’t connect via critique groups, I love those too, but there are weeks in between.

    I need you guys. I need the blog interaction. Your words inspire and motivate and remind me why I love to write too!

    Thank you, Elaine and Jessica and Sherry for your words!


  3. Hi Jessica and Sharon! How great that you both have weighed in on this topic. Interesting how similar our experiences can be. When I read either of your comments they resonate. I think, “Yah! That happened to me, too!”
    So funny about the beading, Jessica. We’ll have to compare stashes some day.


  4. I love reading stories like yours because it’s the sort of positive message more creatives have to hear. I’m in the same boat, though I’m still working on repurposing my content for books, webinars, videos, podcasts, and more. I’ve already started but I know I have to step up my game.. My blogging network has been very encouraging and engaging, so it’s been a wonderful experience. I feel that everyone should have a blog, even if it is just a photo journal with brief entries. 8)


  5. Hi Yomar! Welcome to my blog. Love the picture of you and your babe on your site. So beautiful.
    Thanks for commenting and giving me support. I, too, love the positive side of life.


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