Videos Are Here! Check Them Out.

One of the most exciting and most frustrating things about having a weblog is the new things I have to accomplish.  While the excitement never lets me stop conquering blogs, Flip cameras, smartphones, iPads, Xilisoft, Windows Movie Maker…. the list seems endless, my frustration level seems to be getting higher and higher.  Never mind, the end product is worth the pain.

Last Thursday night a good friend, Vicki Noels-Cornish, agreed to be interviewed as my guinea pig for my first ever movie to be attached to my WordPress blog.  Ya gotta love friends like that.  She and I sat and discussed my questions–prepared and spur-of-the-moment–for about half an hour.  When we were done, I checked the camera.  It had turned off!  Nothing had recorded.  Oh, it was my fault.  A newbie, I hadn’t known to watch for the red light signaling actual filming was occurring.  Well, we laughed a lot, figured out the batteries had died, and finally redid the whole exercise.  And this one worked.

Next I had to get my techie guru son to help me prepare the film for YouTube.  After that learning curve, came uploading to YouTube, pretty easy, and connecting my YouTube videos with my blog, again easy because the techies at those companies have made it so.

Today, then, I am ecstatic to announce there are movies on my page.  See the heading at the right, click and watch part one of my interview with Vicki Noels-Cornish of VNC Civility and Civility Coaching.  Or click here and here. 

You can reach Vicki @VNCCivility on Twitter.

What do you think Vicki’s Twitter name suggests?  Have you ever had experiences with people who could use Vicki’s coaching?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.


5 thoughts on “Videos Are Here! Check Them Out.

  1. Hi Sherry! You got it, I’m excited. But now I have to figure out a like box! It’s never ending. I’m off to check out your trailer. So great. I can feel the excitement building, can’t you?


  2. I got a lovely comment on my personal email from my brother and true to brotherly love, he congratulated me on my video venture, but he also gave me some notes for improvement. Those are most valuable, even though I had already seen most of my areas to fix. I decided to put up my first venture anyhow, as we all have to start somewhere and I spent too much of my life afraid to do things in case my version might not be perfect. Now I say to myself, “Go for it.” Or as my son says, if not now, when?
    Sunday I’ll be taping another video. Look for the results in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be interesting!


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