May I Speak to Your Manager, Please?

It’s video time again!  Harold Haynes, author of May I Speak to Your Manager, Please, is my video guest this month.  His book is in the final editing stages but, in this video, we get a sneak peak at it.  Harold wants to help people balance the power between themselves and the businesses they deal with.  He tries to avoid confrontations, instead finding ways to achieve win/win outcomes for both sides.  Written in the style of The Wealthy Barber, Harold’s book features a couple who in each chapter have an issue in one of their business dealings.  In the video he talks about his favorite real-life incident with the bank and his car loan.  Harold feels his project will make life easier for those who take the time to read his book.

To access the video click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.   Harold can be contacted on Twitter @hmhparis.

Have you had bad or good scenes with people or businesses whose customer you are?  Has customer service died?  Have you ever said, “I should write a book”?  Write a comment below.


5 thoughts on “May I Speak to Your Manager, Please?

  1. Really interesting and informative! I enjoyed the video very much. I think that customer service is dying, but not yet dead. Just on oxygen. Hopefully we can drag it back to life.


  2. Another great job Elaine! I’m sure the book will be very helpful. Any self-help book based on a real need should do well in this venue and this one sounds interesting. Love the concept of the Marshmallow Farm too!


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