Dottie Flowers Sees a Murder

Sheila Gale, author of Dottie Flowers and the Skinner Gang, visited with me a few weeks ago.  Today’s video reflects our conversation.  Sheila tells of launching her new book and of her other writing credits which include business articles, adult short stories and stories in two anthologies in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

A former college professor, Sheila now writes part-time and sets her own schedule.  She spends winters in Hilton Head, the subject of an excellent magazine article in Interval International magazine.  Watch the video and hear about Sheila’s earliest writing (mis)adventure at age eleven.

Click here for Part 1  and here for Part 2.

If you are a writer, how did your own writing career start?  When did it start?  Do you enjoy hearing the personal stories of successful people?  Consider leaving a comment to share.


6 thoughts on “Dottie Flowers Sees a Murder

  1. Another great interview, Elaine!

    Dottie Flower’s is a great read! It’s wonderful to celebrate Sheila’s success. I love the way Sheila describes finding her voice and the way Dottie and the characters come alive.



    • Yes, and did you notice how Sheila comes alive as she talks about Dottie? She obviously had great fun developing and writing Dottie Flowers and the Skinner Gang!
      Thanks so much for commenting, Sharon.


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