Writer in the Making: Jennifer Filipowicz

Did you ever wonder what makes a person write?  Or how someone can write with a whole other life full to the brim?  Today’s video is about one such person:  Jennifer Filipowicz.  In a delightful private session while a number of us were at a weekend writing retreat, I talked with Jennifer about her background–her mother is a published author, her reasons for writing, and her hopes for the future.

Jennifer’s youthful vitality made our retreat a lot of fun, yet her honest answers to my questions showed her serious  side as well.  Watch the interview below. .

Why are so many people of all ages writing fiction and non-fiction these days?  Can you relate to Jennifer’s comments?  Consider leaving a comment about your own struggle to accomplish something near and dear to your heart.

5 thoughts on “Writer in the Making: Jennifer Filipowicz

  1. Great interview, Jen and Elaine!! I’ve read Jen’s book and will definitely recommend it when it hits the presses, and it will, Jen! For a busy mother and wife, Jen seems to write effortlessly and does Commander Black brilliantly. She turns me into a science fiction fan with her books!


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