Positive Strokes by an Island Gal

Vancouver Island, that is.  And Johanna Socha’s new magazine is full of positives.  The best one to me is her starting this one-woman publication because it was a dream she wanted to realize.

I first heard of Island Gals at the Vancouver eWomen Network Conference for Writers last April when a friend of Johanna’s gave me a copy.  Since my daughter loves to write articles and lives in Victoria, I took the magazine to her and she contacted Johanna.  Next thing I knew Beth (Cougler Blom) was writing for Island Gals.

Just this morning Beth and I met with Johanna at Starbuck’s here in Victoria.  I was impressed with Johanna’s down-to-earth yet interesting conversational style.  Within two minutes of sitting down she had us discussing why the world is caught in a money-power mode instead of a live-life-well mode.  Intriguing.  These are the conversations that feed my soul.  Is she a soul-mate, I wondered?

Johanna was fresh from picking up her newly printed third issue and she gave us copies of that as well as back issues.  I have three magazines to fill my plane ride home to Ontario tomorrow.  I did, however, take a look at all three issues and found a variety of intriguing articles and writers.  From the Shea Market Story about women in nothern Ghana to the art of slow dancing, and the gift of learning, Island Gals’ topics just invite reading.  There is even a pair of women on the far side of forty, determined not to ‘go gently into that dark night’, who keep trying new and exciting ways to jump the sides of their boxes.

The one down side to this marvelous project is the difficulty in finding advertisers.  We talked about ways Johanna might keep this project going and I surely hope she does.  Look for Johanna to develop a social media presence and, above all, if you’re on Vancouver Island, look for Island Gals.

Have you ever thought of starting a magazine?  The kind you just love to read?  Do you know anyone who lives on the island and needs to know about this project?  Pass on the link and feel free to contact Johanna–she loves networking.  Oh, and leave a comment with your own suggestions or observations.


8 thoughts on “Positive Strokes by an Island Gal

  1. Great to hear of a new magazine. I’ve often wished I’d started one long ago but it’s too much work now! You reminded me of the wonderful holiday we had a few years ago in Canada and our float plane ride across to Vancouver island. Also went on the Rocky Mountaineer. One of our best holidays.


    • You are right about the work, Rosemary! Imagine one person doing all of this and in about 7 months she has put out three magazines! The fourth one is due in December.
      Vancouver Island is, indeed, a go-to destination. Many years ago we took the overnight inside passage ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy and drove down the island to Victoria. Through giant redwoods and Douglas firs we took our two kids, even stopping for a picnic lunch in the forest, sitting on giant downed trees. And not so many years ago my daughter and I did the short hike through Cathedral Grove on the way to Tofino. There is no church there, just the huge trees, some uprooted with root systems twice as tall as I am. Truly a magnificent province, British Columbia.


    • She was a dream. And I just got a lovely email from her telling me she is definitely upping her social media presence. Watch for a video interview one of these days.
      Thanks for visiting, Jessica!


  2. I too have met this little ‘power house’ named Johanna of Island Gals. Her power to make connections with amazing women with stories to tell is such a gift. I would hate to see this magazine disappear from lack of advertisers!
    Rhonda Todrick


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