Sharon Clare’s Surprising Video Interview

She is a member of the Toronto Romance Writers Association, she writes historical and paranormal, and has gone spelunking in West Virginia.  Yes, Sharon Clare is a well-rounded writer with lots to share in this video interview she did with me a few weeks ago.

In the September sun lighting up a lake near Ottawa, Ontario, our small but mighty group of writers talked, shared, laughed and even had a glass of wine or two.  Sharon put the retreat together, for which we participants were thankful.  She planned writing exercises, character development techniques and even a hike along a  mica-infested trail, bordered by strange indentations in the ground.  This last was for exercise but also gave us lots of room for imagination-building along the way.

I took the time to interview Sharon and this video  is the result.

Have you ever gone spelunking?  What strange thing have you done which might find itself into your writing?  Consider leaving a comment and telling about it.


4 thoughts on “Sharon Clare’s Surprising Video Interview

  1. Elaine, thank you so much for this interview. You did a fabulous job as you always do! One day we’ll have to get you on the other end of the questions and learn about your writing process.

    What fun it is to revisit that weekend retreat. I think we must do it again, and I’m looking forward to more in the coming years!


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