7 Reasons for a Great Head Shot on the Web

Today just has to be a revisit as life is crazy. Hope you enjoy this one, first published in September.

From nondescript avatars to professional poses, web pictures run the gamut.  And people who are otherwise very web-savvy sometimes don’t bother with a picture at all!  Today’s post will help you see the importance of pictures.

7 Reasons for a Great Head Shot on the Web:

1.  Prospective clients/buyers/friends/followers and frankly curious people can see

a) what you look like   b) that you’re a real person  c) that you clean up nice.

2.  Avatars that are green spotted squares suggest you may have something to hide.

3.  People are more likely to come back to your site again if they think you are a real, breathing person.

4.  Sitting alone at your desk in your grubbies and unbrushed teeth, you can take pride that on the day of the picture, you looked awesome.  If you could do it then, you can do it again.  Some day.

5.  A photographer’s head shot is the ultimate kindness.  You can give your favorite professional plenty of touch-up practice.

6.  Any of your detractors can print out a copy and use it for, well, that game where you throw sharp pointy things at a board and hope one sticks right in the middle.  In the case of your picture, that would be right between the eyes.

7.  We’re snoopy.  Inquiring minds want to know.  Oh, I can’t believe I used a quote from THAT mag.!

So put up your pics, folks.  Really join the web world.

Do you have a great head shot on your site?  Why or why not?  Can you tell, it’s Friday and I really just wanted to do a light-hearted post?  Consider leaving a comment below.  (with your head shot?)


18 thoughts on “7 Reasons for a Great Head Shot on the Web

  1. Hey Elaine,

    I’m with you. A professional headshot was one of the first things I accomplished when I took the cyber plunge. I always send a headshot when I guest post, and, naturally, my mug is on the back of my book. Beyond natural curiosity, your picture makes it personal, like you actually showed up. When we meet someone, it’s each other’s faces we look at, not the ground, the sky, the wallpaper. Why should a cyber presence be any different.

    Anyone local (GTA) looking for an awesome photographer, Danielle Valiquette Photography. Tell her I sent you.


    • You are so right, Sherry. And if you love people as you and I both do, you want to meet them, don’t you? Of course, after my spouting above I posted this on LinkedIn and got both my new head shot and my old one! Still trying to get rid of that old one. I think it lurks out in cyberspace and only The Shadow knows where. Thanks for visiting.


  2. It’s on my to-do list. I have a picture snapped by my hub that I use for my online profiles, but I do need to get a professional one done.

    That said, I have an avatar and she looks fabulous everyday, even first thing in the morning. I would use her, but I agree with all your points, Elaine, people will relate to a real person!


  3. I like the idea of using an avatar, sometimes, but I think there comes a point where it’s just weird not to have any pictures of yourself out there. We start to wonder what you’re hiding. Are you really an alien with purple skin and bike horns for ears? As you know Elaine, I’ve been slow on the headshot. It takes time, money and a sheer grit your teeth and get it over with attitude that somehow doesn’t look great in a picture. But I finally did it. And as for the gravetars all over the web. I changed those too. Because every time I left a nice comment, this angry green face appeared and sucked all the pleasantry out of my words. So I’m with you, even if I dragged my feet a little!


    • And your gravatar proves my point. You look so approachable, so much fun, so happy with life and your part in it. Don’t worry that it took time. Mine did, too. The important thing is you did it. What a gift to the world! Thanks!


  4. I agree completely with you, Elaine. One of the first things I did, even before I had a presence on the web, was to get a professional photo done for my business cards. I then began to use it online. A couple of years ago I had an updated portrait done. I believe it is much more professional-looking to have a photo rather than an Avatar. And when your photo is the same everywhere you show up, people begin to recognize you by your face as well as your name.


    • Hi Diane! You are absolutely right. People do start to recognize you from your great head shot online. First as an online presence and later on the street. That hasn’t happened to me yet. I am a little careful what I wish for, in that respect. Thanks so much for visiting!


  5. I just did this myself, as you know! It really wasn’t that expensive, it depends which photographer you choose of course. I am very pleased with the results.

    As an aside, I know someone that looks at least fifteen years older in her headshot than she does in real life, so better ask your friends and family to help you choose the best shot to use!


    • I got lucky when I went to make an appointment to have my portrait done. I was wandering through Sears and found a little teddy bear with a sign on it: If you find me and take me back to the portrait studio you get a free gift. The free gift? A free portrait with one large print! No sitting fee, either. Only problem was that I needed the picture on disk so I could put it on my computer. That cost $50.00. But it was worth it to have it professionally done.


  6. I go back and forth on this issue since I am as much a digital artist as I am a writer now. I do covers for books. When I submit my own book, the artwork goes along with it. That goes with out saying in my case.

    So I put up various pieces of my artwork so folks can get a feel for the work I do. Besides, which picture of me should I post? If today I am the Poet, I have yet to buy that special hat, The Humorist in me wants me in a “Cat in the Hat” hat! LOL Now I have to ask, what would be wrong with that? :-}


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