Ta-Da: Come Into the Author Salon!

Have you ever had so many writing-related questions you just didn’t know where to turn?  Either as a writer or as an editor or even an agent? Well I have.  Finding Author Salon and working on my profile for the last month has helped me immensely to reshape my novel. This site is expressly for helping writers find markets, and agents, editors and producers find properties. Any member can sign in and peruse the projects listed there.

Here are  7  Reasons Why I’ve spent so much time at this.

1. Amazing, helpful and erudite videos are there for the viewing. What could be better than seeing and hearing successful writers explain their craft?  They have years of experience out there and we writers can borrow on it very easily when we belong to Author Salon.

2. Writers will benefit from the how-to-pitch videos on the site. I have just begun to watch these and am excited about the possibilities awaiting.

3. There is a large group of talented people overseeing this project. People who have been in the writing business, from writers to agents to editors, have incredible experience to share.

4. Lots of other writers live there. We writers can help each other and commiserate with a fresh pair of eyes when the muse forsakes one of us.  Invaluable.

5. As well as other writers, editors, agents, and even producers get to view my profile and interact with me.  I might even find the person who will want my work.

6. Craft how-to books, and writers of those books abound at Author Salon.  These people know their subject and are delighted to share their knowledge.  And isn’t that an invaluable help to writers?

7. There is a wonderful profile guide to help in filling out your own profile. Through it, I have tailored my writing and made it more salable for the writing market.  One item I’ve worked very hard on is the opening to my historical  novel.  I needed to have the best hook there I could possibly find.

Check out Author Salon and leave me a comment about it.  Is there anything missing?  Anything you’d like to see there that isn’t?


5 thoughts on “Ta-Da: Come Into the Author Salon!

  1. Elaine,

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous resource. There is so much information out there, it’s good to find a place where the information shared is reliable and professional. I did take a boo, and watched the elevator pitch mentioned in Sharon’s comment. Funny!


    • As always, whatever I find out I am happy to pass on. Can you imagine the stack of stuff on our desks if everyone we know through writing made a list of everything they know, of all the amazing resources they’ve found? My writing office is way too small to hold all that! Thanks for visiting, Sherry.


  2. You always find wonderful resources. I’m definitely going to drop by and see what’s available in the salon. Don’t know how I missed your post yesterday, must the the vast time difference between Canada and the USA!


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