Emerging Writer Carole-Ann Vance Speaks Out on Video

During an instructive and enjoyable weekend writing retreat last September, Carole-Ann Vance and I found a little free time to talk on camera about her writing.  She is beginning her writing journey and was excited about having just completed her novel’s first draft with the working title, Give Me Your Hands.

Interviewing writers always intrigues me because each one is so unique.  Carole-Ann talked about her love of books, so much a part of her that she walks around hugging the good ones sometimes.  Also her method of doing the actual writing amazed me as I’m such a computer lover and wouldn’t dream of writing any other way.

Carole-Ann finds herself living vicariously through her characters.  She talks about multiple possibilities through her writing which are not available to her in real life.  I enjoyed my time with Carole-Ann because of our shared love of writing but also since she showed her warm sense of humour throughout the interview. You can find the video by clicking this link or by finding Carole-Ann’s name under the Video section to the right of this page.

What did this interview touch on which really spoke to you in your own writing?  Consider leaving a comment on this page and both Carole-Ann and I will endeavour to reply.


5 thoughts on “Emerging Writer Carole-Ann Vance Speaks Out on Video

  1. What a great story, I love your blog!

    I love talking to writers because, just like you said, each one is completely different than the other.

    Have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂


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