31 Writing Subjects I’ve Found on Twitter

Twitter on my desktop and via Hootsuite on my iPad2.

“Twitter?  It’s a waste of time.  You’re crazy to even be on it, let alone find anything useful!”

So spoke my friend, who shall remain nameless for protection reasons.  Do you hear this sentiment at all?  What is your Twitter experience?  Mine is great, as I explain over and over in this recurring discussion with people of my generation; in fact, it’s so great that I started cutting and pasting useful articles, links and all, to a Word file.  There I reference the material when I need it.  Here are 31 categories of articles that I’ve collected and the file keeps growing.  Periodically I print out the latest pages because I do have a recurring fear of losing files on my computer.  I guess it’s the age thing again.

Document Types I’ve Found on Twitter and Other Social Media

  1. How to write documents needed in the publishing world, such as author bio, query letter, pitch, short synopsis, etc.
  2. The finer points of self publishing.
  3. How to build great and memorable characters.
  4. Motivation and writing skills.
  5. All about Twitter, how to use it and its value to writers.
  6. How to use social media and improve your social media ratings.
  7. Conferences for writers.
  8. Best websites for writers.
  9. Tips on starting to write a new book.
  10. Writing and selling digital books.
  11. Suggestions for writing your memoir.
  12. How to market your book.
  13. How to plot your book.
  14. Formatting for print and other publishing how-to material.
  15. Helping a writer remove his/her guilt about other tasks and focus on the writing to get more work done.
  16. Doing the Ask well.
  17. Lists of freelance editors, agents and publishers, with their preferred genres.
  18. How to research a book.
  19. Motivational posts (for writers) on how to get off your duff and start living the life you’re dreaming about.
  20. Where to get ideas for your writing.
  21. Published, famous authors giving advice for writers.
  22. Author platform.  What is yours?
  23. Book premiere and how to do it.
  24. How to do how-to articles.
  25. Author checklists, such as first page checklist for your new book.
  26. Blog tours.
  27. Making a book trailer.
  28. Self-published or traditional?  What’s the best way to go?
  29. Writing irresistible blog titles and their extreme importance.
  30. Research can be a joy.
  31. Self-editing your writing.

How is your social media experience?  Have you found exceptional, helpful materials?  Please consider sharing them in a comment below. 

BTW I do have the Word file with my collection of materials gleaned from amazing writers via SM.  So far it’s at 200 pages in an unedited format.  I would be happy to share if you provide me with your email.


26 thoughts on “31 Writing Subjects I’ve Found on Twitter

  1. I’m still in the learning department of social media. I just started blogging this year and have found I love it. I primarily do facebook and pinterest. I now am on linkedin, but still really just getting to explore it more. I have heard about tweets and twitter, but so far am very uneducated. I like your idea about having a list for useful things you’ve found. I have just been marking favorites of internet sites I have found so far.


    • Good for me. No one puts the whole pizza in their mouth at once and neither should we try to do all of the social media sites. I just do what I can and am comfortable that I can’t be on everything. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Have just dipped my fingers into the Twitter pot – still finding my way to what is valuable to me and what isn’t,
    Glad to hear that you are discovering immense inspiration and help.


  3. That’s an impressive list, Elaine. I have been on Twitter for quite some time, but don’t make very good use of it. I find myself more on LinkedIn than anywhere, and I have learned a great deal about self publishing and promotion. I just got a link today to a Kindle book on Amazon called “Be Your Own Editor” by Sigrid Macdonald. (No, I didn’t spell her name wrong – that’s how it is spelled on her web site.) It’s a free download until March 13 if anyone is interested: http://tinyurl.com/7cp8evh

    Happy writing everyone! And have a great weekend.


    • Hi Diane!
      Interesting. I use LinkedIn a lot, too, since I joined the two writing groups. With all of these SM things, it’s important to find your own tribe and then keeping up is fun, not work. I’m going right now to check out the link you mentioned. Thanks so much!


  4. I love Twitter. It’s so easy to get on and find what I want. Facebook is just confusing, and I’m sure my page reflects that. I gave up on Linked in. No time! But Twitter? It just suits my day. Little sound bites flying past and if you want to find something, just search it. Maybe it’s just twiddling my thumbs, but I feel like I’m doing something as I add followers and tweet about my day. I’m amazed at all the wonderful topics you’ve found Elaine, I think you are really getting the most out of what Twitter has to offer!


    • Yes, Jessica, there is a Twitter Claus. For me, anyhow. And the really great thing is that if the sheer number of posts I’ve subscribed to after finding them on Twitter start to clutter up my inbox, I delete. Some days the Delete Key is absolutely my favorite. And I don’t let myself feel guilty about it; in fact, today I’ll be using that key to get my emails down so that I can see them all on one page without scrolling. Do you begin to see what a control freak I am?


  5. I am a newbie to Twitter starting off with concentrating on photography and now moving to writing. I have acquired more useful information from Twitter than I ever have from Facebook.
    I would like to have copy of the collection you have gathered on SM. My email: myotis9@msn.com


  6. This is a golden nugget. Tips like this are just what I need. I’ve read books and posts on social media how to but I’ve never run across anything like this. Thanks 31 times over and from now on I’m going to make better use of twitter.


    • Oh, I’m so glad, Crystal! Once a teacher, always a teacher and we teachers love to help people. You’ve brightened my rainy day with all your wonderfully positive comments today. Thanks a million!


  7. My experience with Twitter has been similar to yours, Elaine. I have 3 big notebooks full of articles I’ve printed off the web, not just via Twitter, but via LinkedIn and dozens and dozens of writer, editor, agent blogs. It makes me dizzy and bug-eyed just thinking of all the information that exists out there.
    All we have to do is follow the breadcrumbs……….


    • Thank you for mentioning the blogs, Martha! Some of them are just full of need-to-know information for writers. All it takes is a little time and the desire to search. And thanks for commenting!


    • Hi Sally!
      It’s not often I can teach you anything as you’re soooooo knowledgeable. Of course maybe I might say you shouldn’t put a whole pizza in your mouth? There are several writers’ groups on LinkedIn. Check them out. I belong to two and am thinking of adding another. Thanks for commenting!


  8. I’m still assessing my Twitter experience, Elaine. I’m encountering lots of interesting people (kind of pleasant for a warm-world hermit) and oodles of useful information. And I like to share, so share I do … though I hope not in such quantity as to be considered bothersome. I do find Tweeting and blogging a time swallower, though, so I have to learn to plan my time more effectively … and work more actual writing time into my busy agenda. T’is all a learning curve. As for Linkedin; I haven’t been able to figure out its virtues. Thanks for the interesting post. 🙂


    • HI Leenie!
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, especially. You are so right about social media swallowing time with the mouth of an alligator. LinkedIn’s virtues so far for me have been joining three writing groups. There I get to see what fellow writers are doing and saying, as well as adding my own beeps to the noise. I’m so glad you liked my post!


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