Writers Need to Just Laugh Sometimes

Belgian horses

Last week was the local festival of music here and I took time from my writing to chauffeur a couple of my nephews to various classes.  My husband, who loves to write funny stuff and also loves to tease, wrote the following list of rules for my 14-year-old nephew to follow.  You need to know that Noah works on his uncle’s farm helping out with the show horses, he has size 13 shoes, and is way over 6′ tall. He’s also a great kid.


1. NO spitting out the window at other teenagers.

2. Your shoes should NOT have horse manure on them.

3. Eat your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner BEFORE you get into the car.

4. NO beer drinking, wine sipping or Slurpee slurping.

5. Do NOT annoy the driver; she has a very low attention span and needs to focus on her driving.

6. Do NOT ask to drive the car even if you are licensed.

7. On a rainy day please cover your shoes with milk bags to keep the carpets clean.

8. It is not necessary to tip the driver for free rides; she is well watered, fed, and sheltered at home.

9. Do not touch any part of the car with wet, perspiry, sticky, gooey, slimey, creepy hands. Just sit there!

10. Do NOT ask for more than one free ride a year.

11. If you are over 4’ tall expect to hit your head getting in and out of the car.

12. It would be nice for you to offer to clean, wax and vacuum the new car in lieu of a taxi fare.

Today’s post is about using language just for a good chuckle.  Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment about a time you wrote just for the fun of it.


21 thoughts on “Writers Need to Just Laugh Sometimes

  1. Oh this is going to be fun. I will have to send a copy to our nephew, Noah! Oh really so much of it is family, I really should do my reply that way. Thanks for the impetus, Elaine. This brought back so many memories and generated so many thoughts.


  2. That was really cute, Elaine. Thanks for sharing your husband’s humour. Not having been married I never had the problem of transporting children, teens, nephews or grandchildren. But I do transport a lot of people from time to time – like every Wednesday evening and Friday morning for prayer meeting, shopping, Sunday for church, and an occasional run elsewhere, sometimes with a car-full of youth (not lately though). I didn’t learn to drive until I was 44, so my parents didn’t have the problem either.


    • Good for you, Diane, transporting those who need it. This blog is such an interesting way to find out about the daily snippets of people’s lives. I’ll pass along your kind comments to my husband.


  3. I like Janice’s demand for money; up front I would assume!
    I’ll be sure to add this welcome feature to “Important Rules..” V2.0 Ron Cougler


    • Now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, Sylvia. Sometimes I just love to drive by myself in the car. Especially after having one of my grandchildren (lovely kids) for a while. Thanks for commenting.


      • Elaine, I’m with you on the radio thing. I cannot concentrate with a radio or CD playing. And that goes for when I’m alone or when anyone else is with me. I have no problem keeping up a conversation while driving, but that takes mental effort and clarity, where the radio doesn’t -it simply takes my mind. 🙂


  4. Somewhere down in the basement I have one of those lists that he wrote for me – before I went to Australia I think. I am going to dig it out tonight . . . Thanks for the laugh!


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