Stretching My Writer’s Wings

This post is about broadening my own experience so that I have more to bring to my writing. At least that’s my story and, yes, I’m sticking to it.  In the picture above my best friend and partner stretches his arms out to show how large the 1500-year-old tree is. Amazing, isn’t it? And here is the sign with some of its vital statistics:

I hope I look that good after 1500 years!

Countless stops along the Pacific Coast did not satiate my appetite for sun, sky, sea and sand.  This drive is truly a magical experience.  And the natural vegetation all out in spring greens and wee sprigs of pretty pinks is a feast of joy.

Just to make your Friday full, here are two more shots:

The scenery has left me speechless.  Have a great weekend, everyone.


10 thoughts on “Stretching My Writer’s Wings

  1. Wow! I’m an east coaster at heart, so I can never get enough of seashore pictures.
    The second last picture of the tree roots(?), gets my creative mojo popping.
    Looks like a great trip!


  2. Every time we got out last summer I cried — it was so gorgeous. There is just nothing like the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific West Coast of the US.


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