Today I’m at Writania!

One of the delicious things about being involved with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and various author web sites is the people you meet. I first noticed the multi-talented Rita Kuehn in various LinkedIn author groups. We commented back and forth and built a relationship. Please join me today on her site, Writania, where I have guest posted about my journey as a writer.



10 thoughts on “Today I’m at Writania!

  1. Hey Elaine, Thank you so much for your kind words about me and Writania! Your article has received a ton of comments on both Linkedin and on Writania! What a great discussion we are having. You’ve really his “the nail on the head” with your thoughts on calling yourself a writer. I’m so glad that we met and look forward to working on other great projects we might dream up!


    • Thanks so much, Rita, for your own kind words and for posting my work on Writania. I am continually amazed at the sharing that goes on among writers on the web. Here’s to lots more projects!


  2. I also want to thank Guardian of the Stone for your kind and thougtful comments! I’m really a “relationship” kind of person, and enjoy meeting people like you and Elaine. You are so supportive and it inspires me to continue on with my work. Thanks, again!


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