Free Offer: I’ve Done It!

The long-promised offer of a collection of my posts about writing is finally ready! Unlike the esteemed Brinda Berry, techie extraordinaire, I had to get some help to figure out exactly how to do this download so that readers could easily click and download. My computer guru son helped me so that now I can help you.

Click on the link here to get your very own pdf file, delivered right to your computer.

Download a free copy of 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Booklet

You can also click on the link to the right of my page, if that is easier. Yay! Yet another WordPress puzzle solved.



13 thoughts on “Free Offer: I’ve Done It!

  1. Got mine, too. Thanks. Good stuff in here. Loved the “Boredom must be avoided at all costs” and “Don’t confuse the reader.” I think sometimes we get “muddled in the middle” and bored with our writing and it shows through. The trick is to keep it fresh and exciting every day. Not always easy but definitely necessary.

    I outline only what’s necessary for the chapter and let the rest work itself in. I’m not quite a “pantser”, but I don’t outline myself too tightly. I need the stepping stones, but nothing else. I trust that my characters know where they’re going, which sometimes leaves me a bit breathless. So far, they haven’t failed me.

    Most of all, write every day that you can and set word count goals. That helps me stay focused.

    Good luck on the new work in progress. Looking forward to hearing more about it.


    • I like your way of outlining. I, too, like to see where the characters take me. I am always amazed at how little I get done each day compared to how much I have in my mind. Getting this download done was a big step for me as I’ve been promising it for a couple of months. Unfortunately once I crossed this off my list, I got another idea of something to add to it. The list just gets longer and perhaps that’s good. Shows my brain is still working. Thanks for your excellent feedback, habisha!


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