7 Writers Get To Strut Their Stuff

photo by Elaine Cougler

photo by Elaine Cougler

The Seven-Line Challenge!

Sharon Clare, who published 2 books in 2012, tagged me in the 7 line challenge a while ago and I am just getting back to doing this interesting challenge.  Here are my lines from page 7 of The Loyalist’s Wife, my historical novel, as John and Lucy spend their first night together in their cabin:

“And I can hardly wait to start work in the morning to make it as beautiful as I can. I know just where to hang that engraving of the two—”

His lips found hers, a lovely softness tingling between them, and he gathered her to him. She slid her arms around his taut body, fingers kneading his skin, and kissed back with an intensity born of sudden desire. Her petticoat bunched up as he slid his hands around her smooth thigh to her bottom and he inched the garment higher.

“Wait,” Lucy whispered. In a trice she had it off and tossed on the floor. “Will that do?”

I’m tagging 7 other writers, whose works are varied both in product and stage, to keep the challenge going: Patricia Pierce-garcia Schaack, Kristina Stanley, Mary Ann Blinkhorn, Rita Kuehn at Writania, Diane Stephenson, Janna Noelle, and Julia Robb.

This is your mission: Go to line 7 on either page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines, then tag 7 people to keep the challenge going!  This is a short and savvy way to see what others out there in the blogoshere are writing.


36 thoughts on “7 Writers Get To Strut Their Stuff

    • Aha! I’ve got you hooked, Tami! Thanks for your comments. I checked out Food Forays again and my tongue is hanging out of my mouth. Hope I can get it back in before my wee grandson arrives in half an hour or he’ll think I’m the big bad wolf!


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Thank you, and I accept the tag and will inform my seven people that I have just tagged them.

    Your book sounds very interesting. I wonder what happen next? 🙂



  2. Thanks for your blog Elaine, I copied my 7 sentences from pg. 7, and now, how do I do this? I love the exercise and would love to tag 7 writers along with mine. Blogging is fairly new to me, so not sure what to do next.

    Thanks again for the wonderful exercise. I am truly impressed with your writing. The seven sentences gave me a tingle. (Giggle) Very well written.



    • Just write your own blog post on your blog and copy your 7 sentences into it. Then tag 7 other writers in the same way. Make sure you put links to their sites from their names. Is that clear enough, Patricia? Thanks so much for doing this.Elaine


    • Awesome, Patricia. Try WordPress although it is a little tricky at times. I still get my computer guru son to help me if I can’t figure something out. (I think WordPress is what you mean?)


  3. Oh, my! This is my sister?!?!
    All the historical fiction I have read certainly has its share of steam. Ken Follett at times could commercialize it. Thanks.
    Some day, I hope to sit down with you and learn how to post my blog posts/spots so others can see them. That’s your invitation to come to the Royal City to see your little brother.


    • Well, if I can follow Ken Follett I’ll be a happy writer! Funny how that scene happened to be on page 7 as this book is not a steamy roll in the hay. Thanks for your comments, Brian. And, of course, I’ll give you some blog tutoring.


    • Ah, I can just feel you getting into the blogger/WordPress world, Patricia. And I’m excited to see what you write and who gets tagged in your post. I feel like a kid playing touch tag around the little red schoolhouse building.


  4. Thanks so much for including me. What a terrific idea. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t tell you at this point what will be on pages 7 and 77 for I am right in the midst of restructuring and rewriting the entire screenplay. You should see my dining room table!!! Lol… Would it be possible to take a raincheck?


    • Thanks, Brinda. Sometimes we do so much writing about writing we forget to post actual fiction writing. Of course you’ve seen my non-fiction writing for a long while. I wasn’t sure about this post but people seem to like it so I am amply rewarded for taking a chance. Yay!


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