To Be (Published) or Not To Be.

That is the question; in fact, for writers, the only question. We people who hide in closets (garrets), who get arrested for stalking characters in the coffee shop, and who think writing and rewriting pages and pages at a time is actually fun, we writers long to be published.

To hold that book in hand–or on iPad–is akin to reaching the finish line first for a marathon runner, a Derby racer, or a Grand Prix driver.

But along the way there are pitfalls. And you may think you are the only one to have these problems. In the video below, Shakespeare (Hugh Laurie) is discussing what might be cut from Hamlet–ye gods!–with his editor, Rowan Atkinson.

Take a moment and enjoy.

Consider leaving a comment about bright bits you’ve had to snip out. Or malign the editor who suggested this. Just kidding.

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6 thoughts on “To Be (Published) or Not To Be.

    • I can never decide if I’m Hugh’s fan or not. Sometimes I just got so frustrated with the meanness of his character, House. Great consistency, though. And I loved to see him doing this sketch.


  1. Too funny! I do end up ranting and raving when some of the edits come in, good thing my editor isn’t there to hear me. Then I settle down and grumble a bit and realize she’s right. Most of the time! 🙂


  2. Absolutely brilliant, in a scholarly sort of way. I am glad he put the grave robbers and poor Yoric back in.
    I grumble a little but most of what my editor suggested I cut, was warranted. Don’t tell her, but I just reworked the scene and used it elsewhere. 😉


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