The Loyalist’s Wife Goes Visiting

Two guest posts over the last few days took me over to Brinda Berry’s site where I wrote a piece entitled “Are We Really So Different?” and on Sharon Clare’s site where I explored “Was Life Perfect for The Loyalist’s Wife?” These are two excellent writers who have become friends as we share this writing journey and I thank them for allowing me to visit with The Loyalist’s Wife, available on amazon in print and e-book and on Kobo.

Take a trip over to each of their sites to see what surprises are in store for you.

Are We Really So Different?  on Brinda Berry’s Site

Was Life Perfect for The Loyalist’s Wife? on Sharon Clare’s site

Tomorrow will be my regular weekly post here on this blog.


3 thoughts on “The Loyalist’s Wife Goes Visiting

    • Hey, Laurie, my thanks to you. I do hope you’ll enjoy The Loyalist’s Wife. Australia and Canada have that British Empire thing in common. I well remember the map in my one-room elementary school a zillion years ago with its coloured map. The British Empire countries were all in a deep pink. Australia and Canada were that colour. We must be cousins or something!


      • You’re welcome Elaine, I look forward to reading it. The British Empire certainly covered the world, well the saying went that the sun never set on it. Cousins? You never know 🙂


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