Who Is Your Writing Rock?

scan0002_editedYesterday was a special day for me and my dear husband as it was our anniversary. We got married back in the day when brides and grooms were wed at 19 or 20 so no wonder we look about 12! Outrageous hats were obviously in vogue as evidenced by my mom’s big white monstrosity. (There were a few giggles and tears when she modeled that for the family at the dinner table one night, I remember!) I laughed all day and so did my new husband so I’m not sure where his frown came from in this picture. What a poignant look back to the sixties for me.


And this is my Grandma, a lovely lady who was there for all my growing up years. She passed away about six months after our wedding. Don’t you just love the way my tiara and veil are askew? I walked around like that all day, through all the professional photos, the reception, the zillion snap shots by friends and family. And no one ever mentioned my tilting tiara. Ah well, I got the guy right so the tiara is not important.

My readers, you may be wondering just what these old pictures have to do with my writing or The Loyalist’s Wife, newly parading on its own bridal path. Probably if not for that wedding day way back when my book would never have come to fruition. This man is my rock.

What or whom do you reach out for when the going/writing gets rough?

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12 thoughts on “Who Is Your Writing Rock?

  1. Happy Anniversary!… 🙂 Your mother’s hat reminds me of the pictures of Queen Elizabeth. They still seem very big on hats in England. Glad you have a good writing rock. No such luck here, but maybe one day. I don’t share much with my mother, because she criticizes a bit much. My sister never has time and has two small children. Hoping one day I can go to a writer’s group. I found a nice one in a town nearby, but would have to find someone to sit with my husband to go. It’s hard enough just to get someone so I can get to the store. Oh well, maybe one day.


    • Hey, thanks, creativity! I think you’re right about the Queen’s hats. I lived through that time here in Canada and was ever so thrilled when hats went out of style. I have heard of people finding writing groups on line. Have you tried that? My heart is with you, you know. 🙂


  2. Happy Anniversary! I, too, have a rock beside me, just celebrated 42 years. It took him quite a few (decades) to finally “get” what I do, but now that he’s read most of my books, he’s onboard. While reading my last book, he turned to me and said, “You know, you are a damn good writer.” Best compliment I’ve had in a while. Congrats to you and yours.


  3. Elaine, I have a picture of my Grandma on my writing desk. It is black and white, taken in the house they lived in up until I was 12, and her hair is dark rather than the soft white I remember, so goodness knows when the shot was taken. Right hand poised on the door jamb, it appears the photographer captured her image by calling her back into the room.

    To me, it is my Grandma, leaning back into the room to say, ‘You keep on writing, now’.

    She was my rock through my childhood, and remains my rock. She is gone, but her love lives on.


    • Mom did not make my wedding dress, Brian. We went shopping together and saw one that was quite acceptable but we thought we’d look further. When we found THE DRESS, it was twice as much money as the first one but we bought it anyhow. In the car on the way home, Mom quietly asked me not to tell Dad about the cheaper one. So funny. Just a little insight into how the money went in their marriage back then. Not so different from most others I expect.
      And no, Mom didn’t make her dress.
      I like your comment about the ‘rocks’ in those pictures. For sure.


  4. Elaine, such love and companionship are wonderful and moving. Congratulations to the both of you for having succeeded at something that might look natural but, unfortunately, is not. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary on July 12th 🙂


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