Life as a Published Author

Today I am giving a little peek into my very own brave new world with apologies to Aldous Huxley.

Have you ever dreamed of achieving a seemingly unreachable goal? Of course you have! Hundreds of them. You learned to smile, to walk, to wink, to sing, to bike, and to reach for the distant stars in so many ways.

But was it easy? Not always. And neither has my trip to publishing been easy.

From the time I sat reading in my summer porch with tears slipping down my sunburned cheeks just aching to write a novel and write well, I’ve had this dream. And last month, I realized it when The Loyalist’s Wife was published. Since then my pace has quickened with sales and signings, posts and planning. And for a people person, it’s so much fun!

Today I am on Marta Merajver’s blog answering some probing interview questions and tomorrow I’ll be at Carole-Ann Vance’s blog with a post on Whispers in Historical Fiction.

And just to ice the cake a bit, today I’m going to the Stratford Festival Theatre to hear Barbara Kyle speak. You know I’ll be buying a book and getting it signed!

Please check out Marta’s site today and Carole-Ann’s tomorrow.

The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler is Here!

Kobo version Kindle version for Canadians Kindle version Paperback

Still available: Your free copy of 10 Ways to Improve Your Writing. Download from the link in the side column!


11 thoughts on “Life as a Published Author

  1. Elaine, enjoyed the interview on Marta’s site, but I didn’t see any way to leave a comment. Just wanted to say that your remarks about trusting your own voice and being confident are pretty much universal, I think. We writers live in our heads, so it’s tough once we start putting our stories out there for others to read and react to. That’s one of those things where the only way out is through–working through the reactions, the critiques, the suggestions, the complaints. All of that makes up the stone on which we hone our sense of self as a writer. Good job!


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