Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul is Yummy

What is my best home remedy when I’m feeling a little low? I take it myself, I make it for my family, I’ve even been known to make up a batch and drive it across town to my son (sort of like the Mom in Love You Forever.) Of course it’s chicken soup.

What better title for Jack Canfield’s long line of books which sum up all the feel good, touchy-feely stuff in the world? And just like the famed chicken soup eases your flu symptoms, Canfield’s books, full of the best, the homiest, the most true-sounding stories you’ll find anywhere make you feel good.

I’ve read a few, mostly when people who love me have bought them for me. And I’ve loved self-dosing my soul with their wisdom and goodness. If garbage-in, garbage-out is a truism, and I believe it is, then Canfield’s Chicken Soup series brings the opposite homily to mind. Goodness in, goodness out.

Writers must be a hardy lot as their lives are fraught with upsets, downturns and disappointments. Ask any writer about their rejection pile and you’ll open a conversation which will take you way past lunch, dinner, and even bedtime. My own story is similar.

So what does this have to do with Chicken Soup? I bought myself Chicken Soup For The Writer’s Soul for my iPad and have just finished reading it.

And it’s so good.

Famous and not-so-famous writers have contributed bits of the blood of their writing lives to this reassuring volume. From incidents and people whose connections have been pivotal for burgeoning writers to books and blessings which seem to have been serendipitous, these vignettes are magical. I was most impressed with the time each author took to develop his/her piece, building to a climax which was all the more effective since the author’s name is not given until the end.

Reading this book took me a while as I wanted to greet each new course in this veritable cordon bleu menu with a clean palate, the better to savour each essay. I am glad I did that for this book is worth treasuring.

Do you have a favorite collection of feel-good stories or essays for writers? Consider leaving a comment below to tell us what they might be.

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5 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul is Yummy

    • I wonder how long that list is and if it’s as long as mine. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a world where so many people pore their hearts into writing so that readers can have a never-ending well of books to read? Gotta love it!


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