Authors and Newsletters–Why and How.

For some time now I have been reading that authors absolutely should have a newsletter that goes out to members on their special list of subscribers. Well, this seemed a little like overselling to me. And yet, I kept reading about this so decided to Google it. (What did we do before we had Google?)

The first site which popped up was so clear and specific that I was able to get a good understanding of this whole idea and the reasons to do it by reading three linked blog posts. And I began to see how I could do a newsletter which really helps my readers, something which they will be glad to see in their InBox about four times a year.

What is in an author newsletter?

  1. Free stories about characters which add insight and depth.
  2. Free snippets that didn’t make it into the books but which expand on just who the characters are.
  3. Upcoming speaking, signing, workshop, or other author appearances.
  4. Contests and giveaways where readers get the chance for more free stuff.
  5. Prior announcement of new book launches.
  6. Little extras such as historical snippets that link to my books.

Where does an author go to start a newsletter?

I looked up aweber, YMLP, and mailchimp and decided on the last one. It’s free and takes 1000 names before you need to upgrade.

Where do you put the signup form for this?

Put it on your website, your blog, all relevant pages of those places, and on your Facebook Author page. And ask for email addresses at book signings where you offer a free draw.

Relevant links which talk about newsletters.

Here is Lindsay Buroker’s very helpful post. Notice at the bottom there are related links which you should check out.

And now ta-da!!!

Please sign up for my list and get the confirmation email, to be followed by my quarterly newsletter. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Authors and Newsletters–Why and How.

  1. Elaine!

    I sat squarely in the “that’s a bit much” corner with you until you did the research for me. Thank you! I get lost when I Google. I think it has something to do with my propensity to “Oh, LOOOOOOK! That sounds interesting.” hopping personality.

    What I didn’t see and don’t know is whether or not newsletters are appropriate for non-published authors. I assume yes, because I can put my characters out there without spoilers and promote the published works of my more-disciplined writing buddies.

    This may be a mute point for now because I’m trying to cross the hurdle of posting once a week on my blog.

    This goes in my Nifty News folder for later reference. Thanks, oh wise and talented one. 😉


    • Gloria, I think you’re right. Keeping the blog going is a better goal until you’re published, but I only think that because all this takes writers away from their writing. Of course if a writer has the time and her followers want it, then by all means do a newsletter. there is no one way to do all this, is there?
      I, too, have a nifty news for later-type folder because I can only concentrate on 1 thing at a time. I have a couple of other ideas which I want to use to promote but the learning curve keeps me doing a bit at a time.
      Now, I must go write!


  2. I’ve decided to do a New Release newsletter. That way I don’t over-sell and subscribers get exactly what they want, news of what books are coming out. Also, I don’t have to come up with a lot of content for a newsletter, all of that is on my blog and that’s enough work for me. Good for you for getting a newsletter out!


  3. Elaine, this is a concise explanation of the value of using a newsletter to inform the public about happenings. Would like permission to include it in the monthly newsletter I produce for my writers’ group, North East Texas Writers Organization (NETWO) Would of course give you the credit and post a link to whatever site you choose.

    Check out my Author page – you seen the latest blog? to know more about me?

    Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 13:44:12 +0000 To:


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