An Invitation From John And Lucinda

IMG_7304“Mrs. Cougler, Mrs. Cougler!”

Wow, that’s formal. Who’s yelling at me?

“Hello, hello. Can you hear me?”

Well, yes, you’re yelling inside my head. Is that you, Lucy?

 Yes. John and I were just wondering if you would interview us before my book launch this Sunday?”

Your book launch? Didn’t I write The Loyalist’s Wife?

 Of course you did, Mrs. Cougler. We had no intention of making off with your glory.”

Well, John, you’re in on this, too, I see.

“He is just excited about the book, you understand. May we do an interview? Just a short one?”

I guess that might work. Will you answer all my questions truthfully?

 “We promise, don’t we, John?”


Does that grunt mean you agree, John? You strong, silent types crack me up. Well, here are your questions.

1.  What is your book about?

A young Loyalist couple living in the wilds of New York State have to fight for their very lives as he joins Butler’s Rangers to fight for the King and leaves her behind to look after their isolated farm.

The pigheaded man goes off and abandons her to face the war all by herself, you mean, John!

2.  Ah, was that a problem, Lucy?

Of course it was, you know because you wrote in as many terrible trials as you could. I still haven’t forgiven you for any of it, especially what you did to my father.

Hush, Lucy. She had to make it exciting, didn’t she?

3.  John, why did you choose to fight for the British anyhow?

Ah, you would ask that. Let’s just say there are things in my past that affect what I do today.

Or let’s say you have your reasons and I, as your wife, must abide by your decisions, no matter what it costs me as well as you. You’re lucky I’m so obedient.

4.  Will you both be at the book launch on Sunday?

Of course we will. It’s for us, isn’t it?

We will be most pleased to join your guests, Mrs. Cougler.


SUNDAY OCTOBER 6 2:00-4:00


2:00 Meet Elaine: Cash Bar; Snacks Provided

2:30 Readings from The Loyalist’s Wife

Lynne Dunlop

Matt Holmes

Sally Moore

Elaine Cougler

3:00 Mingle. Refresh. Snack. Relax. Enjoy.

Quality Inn, Woodstock, ON

The Loyalist’s Wife

by Elaine Cougler

Come out and help Elaine celebrate book 1 of The Loyalist Trilogy.

Watch for book 2,The Loyalist’s Luck, in 2014.

No Admission. Everyone Welcome!!

Door Prizes.

Elaine will be pleased to sign copies of her book.

The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler

Available at and many other places

including the launch on Sunday!

Put in links and the flyer Ron made up.


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