3 Places to Learn Book Marketing

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My book tour is progressing well with lots of lovely reviews and comments about The Loyalist’s Wife. Join us here for the linky list to all the posts.

3 Great Places for the Just-Published Author:

  1. Author Media’s tagline is “growing your platform online” so, of course, it jumped out like a fish out of muddy waters. This post “89 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Life” is imaginative and comprehensive. Take a look but don’t try to do it all at once. I’ve been online for years and I still haven’t done all of these suggestions.
  2. The Creative Penn is a site filled with useful information for writers. Here is a comprehensive article on Content Marketing which includes “An Example Content Production Schedule”. This shows just what and how often book marketing of various types might be done.
  3. Of course, if you have been following the advice to authors about social media, you’ve already found LindedIn and its groups. If not, try out a writing group on LinkedIn–there are loads of them–and sift through the comments and discussions to get your questions answered. There is even a Book Marketing group devoted entirely to, you guessed it!, marketing your book.

My Own Marketing Updates: I’ve started a list on my website under the heading Events where I list most of the speaking/reading/signing/workshop presenting events I’m currently doing. Check it out for ideas and if you have a good thought, feel free to add it here, in the spirit of sharing, that is.

Find The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler

on Amazon and in many other fine bookstores.


8 thoughts on “3 Places to Learn Book Marketing

  1. I hadn’t even thought of Linked In as a great resource for writers. Well. Glurg! I’m woefully uninformed and non-attentive to Facebook, Twitter and I’m random about posts on my own blog. Perhaps it makes sense to get a grip on those before I tackle another.

    Perhaps it makes sense to focus on getting my MS ready for The Golden Heart so I actually have something to promote.

    WOOT on The Loyalist’s Wife. I have a list of things to bring back from The Amazon when I travel there later today. [My MasterCard just cycled. A world of buying opportunities opened.]

    I promise I’ll review it when I read it, but I’ve placed myself on a reading hiatus until I finish at least the first draft of ALL INN. I can not pick up a good book and put it down. It’s either a character flaw, or a compliment. I’m going with compliment.

    This post is going in my Nifty News folder for future reference.


    • Gloris, you always give me a chuckle. You have such a great comedic presence. Is that what your book is about? Give some details!!! And I’d love for you to review The Loyalist’s Wife when you have time. I know how much of a crunch your days must be. Just do the best you can. Thanks for yet another chuckle.


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