5 Reasons Published Authors are Feted

The first printed copy in my hands.

The first printed copy in my hands.

I am losing track of the number of people who have told me they are absolutely thrilled to know someone who has written and published a novel. From quiet dinners to Facebook free-for-alls my friends and family have helped get the word out and have bought not a few copies of The Loyalist’s Wife. Every week new calls and e-mails come from people I don’t know asking if I would speak at a book club, historical meeting, genealogical group–you name it. And bring my books.

From those I’ve known a lot of years the comment is rewarding if perplexing.

I have not changed.

Well, except for being blissfully thankful that, a. the book is out, and, b. people like it. But I am the same person I’ve always been, give or take a little life-polishing on the edges. Talking with folks and finding out what gives them joy is still a favorite thing. Catching up over a slow dinner continues to be another happiness. And reading to my grandchildren, watching their eyes light up at stories, well that is just the best.

But when I do events the fuss over my books and me, by extension, continues to surprise.

Writers often feel alone, misunderstood, confused and even discouraged. I took quite a lot of time before I felt comfortable even calling myself an author. Now the term rolls out of people’s mouths as easily as comments about the weather.

I ask myself what is it about publishing a book that elicits such a dramatic response?

5 Reasons Published Authors are Feted

  1. While others may only dream, the author actually completed and published that book.
  2. It is a happy thing and we humans like to have reasons to celebrate.
  3. Once the book is visible people can see the results of your years of work. (Six in my case.)
  4. A lot of people like to read and to know the author of a book is a special token for them. They prize those signed copies above anything else on their shelves. “My friend, the author” comes from their smiling lips.
  5. People like to hear the story of others who have accomplished something. It is reaffirming of us as a society.

For those who are published, congratulations on braving the storm. For those who value authors, thank you!

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