7 Types of Readers of My Books

book shelves in Norwich

As a newly published author, I have been hearing from many people who have read The Loyalist’s Wife and tell me they enjoyed it. That’s akin to hearing what a wonderful son or daughter you have, especially if this writing/publishing thing is all new to you.

Just this morning I received an email which prompted me to choose this topic for today’s post. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t have a similar response to my work from some kind person.

7 Types of Readers of My Books

  1. My friend, Sue, the first person to buy my book as we stood at the local market in glorious sunlight, is a voracious and clever reader. She was emailing to me within hours with wonderful comments and encouragement. Of course she also wants me to stay home and work on the sequel! I’m like that, too. If I love a book I just want to read and read until it’s finished and then I want the next one that author has written.
  2. Equally as treasured are those family members who support us by buying our book. Lucky for me my family is LARGE and their support has been fabulous. That’s not to say they’ve all bought a book but then they’re not all readers and I accept that. One of my sisters has bought several to give as gifts and, though she has yet to finish the book herself, never misses a chance to support me.
  3. Those who buy a book after hearing me speak, even if it’s not their usual reading fare, can be fun. A lovely man and his wife stood before my table a few weeks after I had spoken at a club where he is a member. When I asked what he thought of the book, he hesitated. With my well-practiced teacher smile, I encouraged him to tell me. Well, he thought there was too much description. I was surprised as I am a lover of plot and move things along without a lot of description. His wife touched his arm, smiled, and told me he only ever reads thrillers. We all laughed and they moved on to the next table. Wasn’t it wonderful that he, a total thriller reader, read my book?
  4. I was puzzled as to why I hadn’t heard comments from a few people, readers all of them. One of my brothers brought it into perspective for me. He likes to read slowly, savoring every morsel, stopping to cogitate, remember, and consider so that it takes him quite a while to read a book. When he’s done, however, he has a thorough understanding of all the nuances and his questions are full of insight.
  5. I like to read one book at a time mostly because my brain is too small to keep details from a lot of books straight. Nevertheless, I know a number of smart people, excellent thinkers and readers, who read several books at once. One will be by the bed, one in the bathroom, one in the car, by their favorite chair, at the office, or in their purse or briefcase. Can you imagine how many books they get through in a year?
  6. I have been known to underline, to write in the margins or to use my yellow marker, but only for a certain type of how-to or informational book. Never for fiction. Readers abound who love to write notes in the margins about the sisters in Little Women or do their own spider messages like Charlotte. Their books are thoroughly used and not the ones you’d want to buy in lieu of a new book on Amazon. And how about the coffee drinkers who spill on the pristine pages? A fellow teacher once borrowed a new hard cover book from me. It came back with so much more added to it: coffee stains, two-year-old scribblings throughout, and the cover irreparably torn. Heartbreak for me.
  7. I am a book mark baby. Are you? Do you have a favorite that allows you to mark your way through a glorious read without ever leaving traces behind? If so, I would like to borrow your books and I promise you’ll get them back in the same pristine condition I received them. Oh, I know that’s a little anal but I do like things nice. I want to experience the read as the author intended without anything to detract from the message. And when that book goes on my shelf, it’s beautiful, both for its story, now held in my heart, and for its outer package.

Yesterday my quarterly newsletter went out and this morning one of those who had signed up at my book launch last fall, a stranger, sent me a message:

“The book was surprisingly good. It was only purchased because you live [here] and curiosity about local talent prompted the purchase. It actually took a while to get around to reading it, but I’m glad I did. Congratulations on the book which was both enlightening and fun to read. Looking forward to the next one…”

I chuckled at the word “surprisingly” but am most appreciative that this reader took the time to contact me. And I don’t seem to care what kind of reader he is, as long as he reads!<!–

What kind of reader are you?


2 thoughts on “7 Types of Readers of My Books

  1. I can read quite quickly when a book captures my attention, even if it’s out of my preferred genre. I usually have 2 or 3 books going at a time: one hard copy, one or two Kindle versions. I have at least twenty books in both versions awaiting my eyes. I’d be in a panic if I didn’t have a TBR list!


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