5 Answers to Writing Questions


From The Loyalist’s Luck launch party. Great cake!

Today I’m being interviewed on Patricia Zick’s illustrious blog. Here is the link where you can read Patricia’s questions and my answers. I bare my soul. Well, about writing anyhow. I even mention Stephen Leacock Medal winner, Terry Fallis, and his contribution to my writing. Come join us now as I answer her five questions.

Author Wednesday on P.C. Zick’s site.

Voting is going on as I write this for the People’s Choice Toronto International Book Fair Self-Published Awards and my first book, The Loyalist’s Wife, is a finalist. Thanks to all those who have already voted to help me out. Voting closes on Friday and the winners are announced  on Nov. 16 in Toronto. I’ll be there! Hoping to win but happy to be nominated–never thought I’d say those words!

If you’d like to join in the voting fun, come along. Here’s the link. It only takes a minute.

And if you were naughty and didn’t click on Patricia’s site above for my interview, please do it now.




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