January’s Gifts to a Writer

Projects boardI love the new year. It’s the chance to start over, to etch my life on a fresh slate. Like the brand spankin’ new whiteboard my husband gave me for Christmas. Notice number one on the list? RESEARCH! That’s because I’m really stepping up the quest for the third book in my Loyalist trilogy and want to make research the first thing I see every morning and all day as I work at my desk. And because it’s a new year I seem to have renewed energy and excitement about finding my story through reading history.

The second thing on the list is Cruise Ideas. You’ll be hearing more about this VERY soon as it includes everyone.

The next things are all ongoing jobs but having them listed reminds me to do a little on each every day. And, of course, here I am, blogging!

ipad stand


Another handy gift was this little stand for my iPad. When I’m working on my main computer from notes on my iPad Pages program, having the iPad sit up so well is great. This even works better than the foldable lid on my iPad. My guy is always thinking of me.


desk with ipad on standHere is the iPad on the stand from the front. Of course I should have tidied up my desk before the picture but this is what my work space usually looks like. The large book is one I was given by my cousin who researched our family genealogy and her book has been a great resource for looking up my own background as well as finding tidbits she’s added about the people and the times.

Loyal She Remains: A Pictorial History of Ontario, is a beautiful treasure just to own but yesterday I was studying very closely its account of the 1837 Rebellion in Upper Canada, present-day Ontario. This just might find itself mentioned in book three, The Loyalist Legacy. Who knows?


And so my new year is starting off splendidly even without resolutions. Living here in Canada where winters can be blowy and summer sun only a memory is another treasure for me. My brain just clicks along beautifully when the weather is best seen through a triple-paned window. Here I am snug in my home, bread baking in the magic machine, wee heater warming my feet, and my Christmas poinsettia, a bright red focal point by the frosty window. And there’s no draining humidity!

poinsettia by th ewindow



Outside all is bright and pure and clean. Inside I’m warm in my woolies, my fingers are doing cartwheels on the keyboard, and I’m surrounded by things I love. As I write, the celebration goes on. I hope yours does, too.


For All Lovers of Historical Fiction!

Book Two in The Loyalist Trilogy!

Purchase The Loyalist’s Luck Here.

The Loyalist’s Luck_cover_apr1.indd
John and Lucy escape the Revolutionary War to the unsettled British territory across the Niagara River with almost nothing. In the untamed wilderness they must fight to survive, he, off on a secret mission for Colonel Butler and she, left behind with their young son and pregnant once again. In the camp full of distrust, hunger, and poverty, word has seeped out that John has gone over to the American side and only two people will associate with Lucy–her friend, Nellie, who delights in telling her all the current gossip, and Sergeant Crawford, who refuses to set the record straight and clear John’s name. To make matters worse, the sergeant has made improper advances toward Lucy. With John’s reputation besmirched, she must walk a thin line depending as she does on the British army, and Sergeant Crawford, for her family’s very survival.

The Loyalist’s Wife, Book One in The Loyalist Trilogy!

by Elaine Cougler, winner of the WCDR 2014 Pay It Forward Scholarship

Short-listed for Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair’s Canada Self-Published Book Awards

The Loyalist's Wife_Kindle_1563x2500

When American colonists resort to war against Britain and her colonial attitudes, a young couple caught in the crossfire must find a way to survive. Pioneers in the wilds of New York State, John and Lucy face a bitter separation and the fear of losing everything, even their lives, when he joins Butler’s Rangers to fight for the King and leaves her to care for their isolated farm. As the war in the Americas ramps up, ruffians roam the colonies looking to snap up Loyalist land. Alone, pregnant, and fearing John is dead, Lucy must fight with every weapon she has.

With vivid scenes of desperation, heroism, and personal angst, Elaine Cougler takes us back to the beginnings of one great country and the planting of Loyalist seeds for another. The Loyalist’s Wife transcends the fighting between nations to show us the individual cost of such battles.

Purchase The Loyalist’s Wife here.


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