Thomas Ingersoll, Greeter at Ingersoll Public Library, and Me

Last night I just felt so supported! No, I’m not talking about my–ahem–clothing. I’m talking about my overwhelming pleasure at the support I receive from readers.

When I got to Ingersoll Public Library for my author talk last night, I wasn’t sure how many to expect. This is not my community even though long ago I skated at the arena one Saturday night. Seven years old, I heard my name boomed out over the loudspeaker, “Come off the ice!” I made my way along the boards, big boys whizzing by me so close I was afraid they’d trip my feet right out from under me, to my tall and smiling daddy standing at the propped open door. (He was afraid for my safety!) I felt safe then and I felt safe last night in that same nearby community.

Statue by Neil Cox in the Ingersoll Public Library foyer.

Statue by Neil Cox in the Ingersoll Public Library foyer.

It’s a beautiful library as you’ll see by clicking the link and its designers obviously treasure their past. Right in the spacious foyer stands a life-size statue of Thomas Ingersoll for whom the town is named. He received a grant of 67000 acres of land from the famed Governor Simcoe back in the 1700’s; hence, the town’s name. At today’s prices of $20,000 an acre, that’s some pretty awesome grant! My accountant husband busily did the math and told me it’s in the billions.

Back to the supporters. A number of familiar faces formed part of my small audience but at least half of the group were new to me. I was delighted to see all of them because as any author knows drawing a crowd is not easy. Thoughtful questions and generous comments came from this group who were excited about both my books and the Author Cruise I’m featured on in the fall.

Two people had their cell phones out taking pictures and tweeting about the event. Wow! That’s the first time I’ve been the lucky recipient of that! Their posts awaited me as I checked my own phone once I got home. I went to sleep thinking how great it is to be a published author.

Please share your own happy experiences along this journey or in any way you felt supported. And check out the cruise!

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6 thoughts on “Thomas Ingersoll, Greeter at Ingersoll Public Library, and Me

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have a surprise enthusiastic audience? Nothing like it. Reminds me of reading for my first launch of Seasons of Ordinary Time. Read the entire story “Darleen” in a Toronto pub, last in the roster – and people roared. Very gratifying to have folks laughin’ when it’s supposed ta be funny, eh. Even if they WERE possibly a wee bit into their cups by then…
    Oh, the rewards of the work. Congrats.

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