7 Tips for Readers To Help Their Favorite Authors

Today we’re starting a two-part post to be completed next week. That post will turn the tables and suggest ways writers can help their readers. I’ve compiled a list of things you might do to really help authors to get their books noticed beyond their immediate circles, something we all dream of.

You’ve read the book and liked it or even loved it and recommended it to your closest friends. And at the next author event you tell the writer. Yay! Thanks so much. We love hearing your comments about our books, especially the good ones. :-! One more thing you can do could be found in the list below. Or, to REALLY help, do them all!

7 Tips for Readers to Help Authors

  1. Write book reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Here’s a link to my post explaining just how to do this. When you do, know that authors the world over will thank you for this is how their work gets noticed.

  2. Like author pages on Facebook. So a few days ago I’m in the shower and an old song from maybe the sixties bubbles up. Except I’ve put in my own words:  “Come on, baby, like my page!” I guess you know what was on my mind. Seriously, if you’re on Facebook you probably know about liking pages. Mine is at facebook.com/ElaineCouglerAuthor. Try to put the likes on my author page and not my personal page. You’re welcome to go to my personal page, just keep your wonderful writing oriented comments on my author page. Just one little click/Like and I’ll be ecstatic.

  3.  Invite writers as speakers to a variety of groups. This is a wonderful way to get exposure for our writing. Talking to those who love history and historical fiction is fabulous for me. Here’s a link to contact me. 😀

  4. Ask your local library to order in local writers’ books. The biggest hurdle for a writer is to get known and to get our books known. Even though we won’t get as many sales if people are borrowing our books from the library, we will get exposure. That translates into opportunities of all kinds for authors.

  5. Buy books for gifts all the time. This is a simple thing but if readers adopt it as a mindset authors will love you. So many books are published every day that, of course, you should tailor your purchases to the tastes of everyone on your list. Check this Wikipedia site for its take on the staggering number of books published each year in different countries. Notice that the years vary.

  6. Tweet your favorite author’s books on Twitter. I dislike getting repeated author tweets about their books and I’ve unfriended more than one author for spamming me over and over with nothing but ads for their books. Far better for readers to do a tweet or two to their connections about a book they loved, or author readings they attended, or book launches, etc. Your author friends will love you!

  7. Join an author’s list. Better yet join the lists of all your favorite authors. Mine gets you quarterly (usually) emails about my writing, deleted passages from my books, exclusive announcements for savings (especially around Christmas), and many other related tidbits. I’m working on a signup button but so far my brain hasn’t figured out the technical details. Please email me to sign up.

Next week Part 2 of this topic will be up: 7 Tips for Writers to Help Their Treasured Readers.  Hope you can make it!

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