Lip-Syncing, Shyness and Publishing That Book

My sister, singer, actor, performer extraordinaire, Donna Garner, letting it go at the mic.

My sister, singer, actor, performer extraordinaire, Donna Garner, letting it go at the mic.

I’ve just watched a movie clip of my grandson lip-syncing and doing the living room dance to a song from Frozen, “Let it Go.” In the background I could see and hear the movie on TV and in the foreground our six-year-old gave it everything he had. He even ended up on the floor in a dramatic pose. So much fun! (Here’s the official Disney link, in case you need a refresher, like me.)

It got me thinking about technology and its effects on the generation growing up now as compared to earlier generations. Does all of this media/technology our kids see at every turn make them less inhibited?

I grew up in a performing family but even my brothers and I needed encouragement to belt out songs for various groups where our mother took us to sing. Fortunately she got us the training to be able to sing with confidence but we were pretty much the only ones of our friends who performed at church or in the local music festival. I even remember performing at my grandmother’s Philathea group. (Don’t ask me what that means!)

So, are our kids less inhibited than we were?

Certainly we humans mimic those around us so that if we see all of these movies with fabulous songs and characters we’re most likely going to ape them. Aren’t we? But will we take the time to learn how to perform them ourselves or will the lip-syncing be as far as we go? I don’t know. The world changes; all of these new gadgets help it change, for sure. I’m just not sure the gadgets change personalities.

My mother always told me she was a very shy child and only as an adult grew to be the respected leader of many charity and church groups. She even ran as a political candidate. When she was eleven, however, in the 1930’s, she walked into the local radio station and asked if they would hire her to sing.  They did. She landed her own fifteen-minute weekly radio show where she performed new songs every week and they paid her. And this from a shy child!

scan0002_edited Here’s our wedding day picture. Not only was my mother marrying off her oldest daughter and making sure every detail was perfect, she also was our guest soloist. There was no one else I wanted. What a gift that was.

So, I guess what I’m saying is technology is great for helping with the delivery of talent but doesn’t take its place. And the same thing is happening for and to writers. Technology has made our journey to publication easier in many respects from the actual writing and editing to publishing and marketing our babies. I’m so glad it has. It has not cancelled out the need for authors to write well, to learn the trade, to edit for perfection and to never be satisfied with mediocrity. That all still needs to come from the writer’s soul so that every now and again we can stand on a stage and “let it go” as a reward for our diligence.

For a schedule of some of the places I’m letting it go take a peek at my Events section on my website. And either electronically or in person, come visit!

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4 thoughts on “Lip-Syncing, Shyness and Publishing That Book

  1. I think if there is something you truly love doing you can overcome shyness and fear. My son is now performing piano / keyboard at school concerts etc where only a couple of years ago he never even told anyone outside the family he could play. Your Mom was gutsy to go to the radio station and talk herself into a singing spot!

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