The Time for Markers and Messages: Happy New Year!

fireworksI just took a look at what I posted exactly a year ago and had a bit of a shock. I’m still working on the rough draft of book three in the Loyalist trilogy, The Loyalist Legacy, and still have plans to finish off book trailers for all my books. Last year I decided to just concentrate on finishing this book and then my output was curtailed in a big way with my episode of shingles. So the rough draft is quite far along but not finished.

Here are the positives, though. I’m well on my way to completion and, more importantly, I think my readers will love this final book in the trilogy. This will be a great year as I get to redraft and reshape it and with every version see the story improve. That’s such a rewarding time although it can get a bit frustrating.

I’ve managed to write a post almost every week over the year and hope they have been instructive as well as entertaining glimpses into my writing and sometimes personal life. It’s a good life. I’m very lucky. Last year’s post was pretty positive so feel free to jump back and take a look and have your spirits lifted.

Here are some of the plans for this year. Obviously complete book three by October. Go on a Mediterranean cruise with my sweetie to celebrate a milestone anniversary for us. Work on new marketing and speaking strategies as I go out and meet wonderful people with my books. Finally figure out how to do those @#$#@$%^$&$*# book trailers for all of my books, a job I’ve had to put aside while I write! And I hate to put it here but I have some personal improvement plans to combat the downside of sitting for hours writing and not balancing my eating and my exercise. When I look back at that svelte girl in the wedding photos I realize I might feel the same inside but outside, well……………….

So tomorrow night I’ll be celebrating the year that has been and the year that is coming as I always do, but I’ll be sleeping long before midnight getting ready to start the first glorious day of 2016. Whatever your activity of choice for sliding the old year along and welcoming the new one, do it with joy. Happy New Year, Everyone!


7 thoughts on “The Time for Markers and Messages: Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you Elaine and you’ve got lots of great plans for the New Year. Enjoy and live life fully, savouring all those precious moments – that’s how far I’ve got with my resolutions – I’m working on the concrete ones!

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