‘Tis the Season–for Marketing to Authors

hand knocking on computer

Are people knocking on YOUR computer door?

Yes, folks, the Holiday season is over for another year but have you noticed what season is upon us now? Well, yes, Valentine’s Day is Sunday (note to self: don’t forget!) but I’m talking about another season.

Many of you writers out there probably have done what I’ve done in order to learn more about how to sell your books. Actually this applies to anyone in business selling anything.

Today we need an online presence. Over the last couple of years I’ve signed up for a number of webinars with people who know a lot about reaching an audience in the hopes that I’d learn more from each of them. No, I haven’t signed up for the $6000 publicity sessions or even the much cheaper online courses to teach me about this vast field. Instead I watch to see what’s out there and, when I can, listen in. I even ask questions and take time to make notes.

But just today I deleted a few e-mails from marketers, all of whom are fantastic at what they do, because I just don’t have that much time. And it’s the season for all of them to come knocking at my computer door pitching their wares. I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the names I’ve collected.

  • Marsha Friedman: The PR Insider.  I don’t read everything Marsha writes in this newsletter but I always look to see what her topic is. She has a comprehensive website (click on the link) with much to teach us about public relations. After all, that’s what bookselling is.

  • Book Marketing Buzz Blog. Brian Feinblum writes himself and has guests write as well about all aspects of the writing world. I’ve saved a lot of these posts for the time when I have need of a particular skill or time to actually implement it.  He also has a 2016 Book Marketing and Book Publicity Toolkit.

  • Leadpages. Here is a link to Leadpages’ free course called The Webinar Marketing Funnel System, which is complete with videos and everything. And it just came in my InBox because I’ve signed up to receive their emails. I’m not sure if their offer is still open so click the link and check it out to see if it works for you. If not, get on their list.

  • Tim Grahl does webinars on many topics. His Launch a Best Seller program was announced on another free webinar and I got lots of great ideas to help get my novels out into the big wide world. Perhaps you can, too.

  • From Jessica Webb at Hubspot I’ve received a number of free download booklets, the latest being their free Guide to Using Instagram For Business. I haven’t tucked into that one yet as another social media site I just don’t need right now. I am keeping it, however, for when I put paid to this third book in my trilogy and maybe have more time to see how pictures relate to getting my name and titles known on Instagram. A picture is worth 1000 words, you know. (Look up Hubspot and get on their email list.)

  • Buffer sends out similar emails with freebie downloads all about social media and its management. I’m not currently using Buffer although I’m on their mailing list and glad to be there. Their offerings range from Social Media Strategies to The Best Free Marketing Tools. You just have to look and see what works for you. Again, Google them.

  • Copyblogger is huge. Here’s a post I received written by one of their many knowledgeable people. Check out their website for a plethora (isn’t that a great word?) of help for writers and many other businesses.

  • D’vorah Lansky has her fingers in many pots and all of them come out gold as far as I can see. She even let me guest post on her blog last fall, where I wrote about focus for a writer, Putting on the Blinders to Go Straight Down the Writing Road.

Last week I wrote about podcasting, another great idea for authors to espouse. I hope you saw the podcast but, if not, here’s the link to the post which includes my debut podcast being interviewed by Abyssinian Books.

As a final note please remember that marketing is all well and good but if your book isn’t done and you have nothing to market perhaps you might limit your time on marketing. Don’t quit, just make sure you get your book written as well.

Elaine Cougler’s website: www.elainecougler.com

Make this author happy. Write a review on Goodreads or Amazon. 🙂


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