Your Book in Libraries Across the World

My wonderful local library.

My wonderful local library.

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Picture it! Sicily… Remember Sophia on the Golden Girls? I loved that show. But what does it have to do with libraries?

Picture it! Your Book! In hundreds or thousands of libraries right around the world. What author wouldn’t jump at that chance?

In February’s issue of The Writer, Elizabeth Ivanovich wrote a column about just that titled Card catalog where she discussed her experiences. I perked up my ears.

Are you like I was? Got a little disappointed when people told me they’d borrow my book from the library rather than buying it? I’d smile and tell myself at least they were reading it but I couldn’t really see it helped me very much. Ha!

As my journey as a published author progressed, I began to appreciate libraries so much more. There are the library book clubs which choose to read my books and invite me to speak where, invariably, I sell more books. There are the industrious librarians who hear about me and put me on their county’s list of authors to read for the year. And there are the wonderful people who go into the libraries and add my book as one they want the library to purchase.

All of this helps an author, so much so that now I’ve completely changed my thinking and look for ways to get into more libraries. The Writer article has a number of points which just make sense and Ivanovich points them out clearly. She talks about making our books accessible to databases with an ISBN. She describes her method of researching potential libraries to approach with good solid how-to advice such as keywords to use in Internet searches to find the right person and/or library. Feel free to address the relevancy of your book to a particular library in order to help the purchasing librarian decide, she says.

All of this is excellent but she goes further with a discussion of finding libraries outside the system, libraries where you might have a personal connection, and advice about being patient and focused. I’ve resisted retelling her article in detail as I don’t want to steal her thunder. Please feel free to look for the February edition of The Writer–your library might have it–or click here for the online version.

I know I am on a mission to approach as many libraries as I can with my Loyalist trilogy. And I have a plan on how to attack the relevancy question for each library. See you in the stacks!

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