10 Other Tasks for Writers, Besides Writing

My rough draft waiting on my wee table. It's calling to me!

My rough draft waiting on my office bench. It’s calling to me!

So what does a writer do when her rough draft is in limbo and she’s waiting through its four-week resting period before attacking it again? To some extent this is my dilemma just now.

I’ve been working on a list of things. Things that have sat waiting for over a year, some of them, while I get this latest book on paper. Here’s what I finally have time to tackle.

  1. Push on with my website update although it’s taking far too long. Grrr.

  2. Prepare my expenses related to my writing career for my tax return. Isn’t that a fun job?

  3. Straighten out the mess with my ISBNs for my eBooks. I have to have separate numbers for my eBooks from the print books of the same title. I just learned about all this because in Canada there is a royalty paid to authors (me!) for registered books borrowed from the library and they’ve just extended it to eBooks.

  4. Along the road to solving those problems I found out that the Archives department needs copies of all of my books, eBooks included. I’ve sent off the requisite print books but have to finish off with sending the electronic copies. At the moment, I’m figuring out just what they need and the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.

  5. Working on my new website and, again, it is going slowly because I need help. If only I could just do it all myself!

  6. Do interviews both online (live and written) and in person for both television and radio. Tuesday I did a TV one in London!

  7. Extend my marketing reach by following tips from marketing webinars. Do at least one marketing thing every day for my Loyalist Trilogy.

  8. Work on getting my cover samples for book three, The Loyalist Legacy, sent to me so that I can choose a cover.

  9. Enter the GAT Literary Contest. At the moment I have no appropriate short story written for this.

  10. Find someone or some way to do book trailers for all three books, once and for all. This has been a real bugaboo for me.

Today marks two weeks since I completed my first draft and I have two more weeks to get all of these things done before I’m back at revision. Oh, I know I won’t finish but already my desk is much cleaner, a circumstance which always helps me have a clear and focused mind. And when another two weeks goes by and I finally get to reread my draft, I’ll be ready.

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9 thoughts on “10 Other Tasks for Writers, Besides Writing

  1. Hi Elaine,
    That is a long list. You reminded me of a few things I needed to add to mine, website being just one of them.
    I do have a name for you on the book trailers, Lex Valentine of http://winterheart.com/ did one for me and she does a great job. The only caveat is that she uses YouTube music, so you have to share the YouTube link. That works for most places, but it means you can’t embed the video itself, like on your Amazon Author page. I used her for my one booktrailer for Snow and the Seventh Wolf, back before I rebranded and retitled that entire series.
    Good luck with everything!


  2. Thanks for sharing what your needing to yet do to sell and market your books, as it enlightened me greatly on all the aspects of publishing, much of it on things I was not aware of and needed to know before submitting or going forward on my own still unfinished book projects if I ever get that far. ๐Ÿ™‚ The never ending process of finishing, then publishing and marketing seems overwhelming, to say the least.


  3. So glad this is helpful to you, Joyce! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. This morning I’ve already spent 2 hours going through my InBox and dealing with a horde of emails, most of them needing me to do something. Good luck with your projects. It’s all worth the trouble in the end. ๐Ÿ™‚


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