Good News for Readers (and Writers)!

The Loyalist's Wife copies ready to mail to winners!

The Loyalist’s Wife copies ready to mail to winners!

A few hours ago, in the middle of the night here in the Eastern Time Zone, my Goodreads giveaway ended. No, I did not stay up to watch the clock wind down to the last-minute but obviously a few people did. When I looked at the entrants sometime in the last couple of days, the total was somewhere around three hundred and seventy. Great, I thought. All these lovely readers want to win my book.

Well! When I checked my email early this morning before I was even out of bed (I love my iPad!), Goodreads had left me two messages about my giveaway having ended. And the total number of entries was nine hundred and seven.

907 entries!

I zipped out of bed and ran to my computer to see whose name might be on the list. No one I knew. Just wonderful new folks to get to know! Now I realize why I waited until today to do my blog post.

First I want to thank Goodreads for their efficient and well run contest which made my giveaway really easy to do. Over the month or so the contest ran, I tweeted numerous times, put a link to the contest on my website, and mentioned it on my Facebook author page and my FB personal page. I probably spent at most half an hour total promoting the giveaway. Goodreads did all the rest.

Next and more important is my thanks to the nine hundred and seven people who entered the contest. You have made my day, folks! And I hope to see all of you writing reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, not just for my books, but for all the books you read. If you’re not sure how, click here for easy instructions. I wish I could list your names here to thank you but must respect your privacy.

Now authors might be wondering if highlighting a book published in 2013 via a Goodreads contest makes any sense. In the old days of publishing this was a valid question. What I’ve found, though, is that my first book sells as well as ever when I do speaking gigs, primarily because I am writing a trilogy and people want to read the books in order.

Also, there are so many books being published now that I’ve found the window for getting the word out for them is much larger. And it doesn’t hurt that my books are historical fiction which, with their Loyalist flavor, appeals to many: Canadians, because so many of us are descended from Loyalists, Americans, because our histories are so interconnected, and British-linked readers because our stories here can relate so closely to their own.

Beyond that, though, I’ve been told people can’t put down these books, proving that first and foremost we authors must write a good story and readers will reward us.

Now I must get my book packages ready to go out in the mail as quickly as I can. These are the only costs to this promotion–the cost of the ten books I’m donating and the mailing costs. Four are going across Canada and six are going to points in the United States. I expect my mailing to be between $100-$150, not a bad cost for my exposure to 907 readers and the reviews I hope to get online.

Oh, and keep an eye out for my next Goodreads Giveaway in a few months.

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7 thoughts on “Good News for Readers (and Writers)!

  1. I forgot to mention that I agree with you regarding the window of interest in a book. I suspect the idea of there being a ‘shelf life’ comes from marketing schedules. If produce your own, you can better control this.

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