Radio is Alive and Wonderful for Authors

Banner_24x721In the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed quite a number of times as an author and I think it’s time I thanked those people with a post about it all. From the TV cameraman who came to my house and asked me questions as he filmed me, to the online TV interview with Google Hangouts, to the radio interviews both in person and over Skype, I thank you all.

Lately I worked with a fabulous cameraman and interviewer for a special author series that will be airing soon on Rogers TV here in Ontario and I realized that every time I do one of these I learn more from those media folks kind enough to have me on their show. One of these days, I’ll have to do a post exclusively on what I’ve learned about being interviewed as an author. Passing on what we’ve picked up is what most authors love to do.

Today, though, I’d like to welcome you to a radio broadcast. No, this isn’t the fifties, before television really took off. We’re right here in the twenty-first century and radio is holding its own. Yes, it’s different and ever-changing. Perhaps that is its secret. Anyhow I was interviewed a few weeks ago by the clever and well-rounded Charlene Jones for a radio show she hosts in the small community of Stouffville north of Toronto. We went live there back then but the recorded version is here on Charlene’s website.

Grab a second or third cup of coffee and join Charlene and me as we chat about books and authors and lives meshing the two. (Click the link above.)


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2 thoughts on “Radio is Alive and Wonderful for Authors

    • Me, too, Robin. Charlene and I did another interview which we’re going to have on in November to coincide with the release of book three in the Loyalist trilogy, The Loyalist Legacy. I’ll put it on my blog, too. Thanks for visiting!


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