OMG, It’s a Book Trailer!

Yes! Below is the link to The Loyalist’s Wife trailer created by Winterheart Design. I finally decided to pay someone else to do this even though I’m a bit of a computer nut. Just didn’t have the time or the skills. So, authors, there are ways to get these even if you don’t do it yourself.

Historical fiction is a bit of a problem as you want to get the historical flavor in the trailer. I’m pretty happy with what Lex came up with and the price didn’t cause me to cut back on my Christmas giving.

Enough talk. Here’s the trailer. Take a minute and a half and watch it.

Please share any ideas you authors have had about book trailers. Readers, let us know how important book trailers are to you.


Elaine Cougler’s website:

Make this author happy.:-)

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16 thoughts on “OMG, It’s a Book Trailer!

  1. Elaine, this is a superb video – one of the best book trailers I’ve come across. I felt I should be waiting for this to become a film. The music matched perfectly, the words sweeping across was just right and then interspersed with the images. Great job. Being into Jodi Maynard’s books set in the revolution I promise to read this soon…I’m hooked.

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    • Annika, thanks so much for your words. I’m thrilled. And I was pretty nervous while waiting for the trailer to be finished. Now I can hardly wait for the second one and then the third when my next book comes out in the fall. This author gig can be pretty rewarding, don’t you think?

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