Spring Births: Nature and Books


A glorious tulip bed at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.

Doesn’t spring just have the power to pull us out of winter and make us believers that all can be right with the world? Now I’m not usually a tulip lover but these babies were spectacular. They demanded I adore them and I did.

At the same time as spring was trying its best to warm up Ontario my third novel was sprouting its wings as well. Last week I got my much-revised version of The Loyalist Legacy out to my wonderful beta readers and this week their marked up copies and comments are drifting back in. Such a scary yet thrilling time for an author. The first came back with “I love it!” right out of the gate. Next week I’ll be looking at revision based on these clever editing suggestions. Yay!

Spring violets flowering along the trails.

Spring flowers along the trails.

From the time I was a little girl the first violets amazed my childish eyes. I’ve never lost that. Few other things have kept their allure in quite the same way. They’re like certain words you find in your reading–and your writing–that just scintillate (to emit sparks!) and titillate (to excite or arouse agreeably!).

Burgess Park early spring

Violets by the river. Mmm, yummy.

Just as my walking has been burgeoning with the cool spring weather so has another exciting project. For the last few weeks I’ve been spending numerous hours every week in a studio wearing a headset, my face jammed into a microphone and my eyes trained on The Loyalist’s Wife. Yup. Not enough that I’m barreling down to the finish line with the third of my trilogy but I’ll be announcing a new audio book very soon.


Almost dead center you’ll see a striped snail sucking up moisture and nutrients in my reawakening flower bed.

Think how long that snail’s journey is. I feel a little like him/her as it takes me two years to get one of my historical novels out. Slow and steady does win the race. My guy took me for a break from writing one Sunday a couple of weeks ago where the breeze was tickling soft and the trees a fabulous array of greens light and dark iced with sweet-shaded blossoms whose perfume made me drool. The lilacs were out at Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens, a favorite spot of ours for years and years and we meandered among the throngs of people and trees smelling life at its best.


The lilac garden at the RBG in Burlington, ON.

I lay in the grass under the blooming trees and let everything go but the sweet moment. Joyous thoughts did intrude, though. Thoughts of my progressing book, the excitement of the audio book, one completed book trailer everyone loves, and another in the works, and the new covers for Legacy coming out any day.  Oh. And a new website coming soon, too. Don’t you just love it when your plans come together?

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